06 January 2013

Welcome Twenty-Thirteen!

It's not too late to say Happy New Year is it?  Hope you are having a relaxed and happy start to the year.  We've had a few days away in our Nation's Capital, Canberra, in the sweltering heat where most days reached 38 degrees (100 fahrenheit).  And this little black duck wilts in the heat so we had to hop from one air-conditioned venue to the next!  Here is the very top of Parliament House, but it was that cloud in the blue sky that I thought was sensational and in need of photographing.

We ticked off most items from our list of things to do, leaving a couple for a return trip another time.

Royal Australian Mint
Parliament House
Old Parliament House
Rose Gardens
National Gallery of Australia
Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition
National Museum Australia
National Portrait Gallery
National Carillon
photography course (more on that later)
"Life of Pi" movie
eating out, yum

Love a few days away seeing new sights and learning new things and being inspired by All That Artwork, but it's always nice to arrive home, especially after a 7 hour drive.  Mind you, that 7 hour drive, both ways, was put to very good use as I was co-pilot and was able to crochet away to my heart's content.  Will show you some new squares soon.  Need to do all those ghastly post-holiday things like unpacking and washing!

Bye for now, Trudy
Oh, and Happy New Year!!!


  1. Hey Trudy, you'll be pleased to get home and have a rest.....you certainly did see the sights. Shame it was so hot, but that photo is lovely.....perfectly blue sky.
    7 hours drive......perfect time to crochet.
    Happy new year to you too,

    Claire x

  2. Hi Trudy, it so hot over there! you did fit in a lot. I would have been wilting, although right now some heat would be nice, I'm sitting here wrapped in a blanket! Anyway happy landing and a happy new year! Heather x

  3. Happy New Year to you! Wowzers, that's a bit too hot for me. What a great photo though - love the contrast of the white cloud against the bright blue sky.

    Gillian x

  4. No, it's not too late! Happy 2013! :) x

  5. Glad you enjoyed the National Capital, there is a lot to see and do there. Glad to know that you went to the Carilion, were they playing? Look forward to seeing your car travel achievements....


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