31 December 2012

Reverb 12 Ends

A little crochet update to end the year, and the last of Kat's Reverb 12 questions.  I'm having so much fun with this new blanket and even though the colours are not what I usually work with, they are a refreshing and fun change.  Girl 2 loves the colours, but does keep slipping in other brighter colours and I keep the balance with cream!  This could be dazzling by the time it's finished.

What daunted me and how am I going to overcome those fears in 2013?
I think one of my greatest fears is that I'm not going to get done everything I hope to get done, and the only way to overcome this is to get in and do it and do it now!  In a nutshell.

What word did you select to be your travelling companion in 2012?
I've never selected a word to accompany a year, even though I do rather like the idea of it.  I think I've been daunted by a single word influencing my entire year, or not choosing the right word, so I've thought about selecting a word a month (or a little longer if needs be).  So a list of words is required.  How I love a bit of list making!  45 words later, I'm bamboozled as to which word I should choose to start me off for the year ... adventure, achieve, balance, expand, notice, stretch, sparkle, wonder.  All fabulous words that sing to me.  Will sit quietly and choose one.  Are you going to choose a word as your travelling companion in 2013?

What can you celebrate now about you?
I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  I am creative, and find inspiration at every turn.  I have had moments when I have sparkled and shined, and others that have been bleak, but the combination of all these moments have brought me to who I am now.  I celebrate all that I have done and welcome what is still to be achieved [and secretly applaud that I can even write this paragraph and send it out into the world].

Where are you now?
I am at the very end of a busy, eventful year and I love sorting it all through and packaging it up to reflect on, but right now I'm too exciting about all the new and wonderful possibilities that are in store for this new year coming.  I have already booked in for yoga and piano lessons.  I will be taking a new role within our family business that is exciting.  My eldest daughter is starting secondary school, youngest in Grade 5.  Oh, and I will be feeling fabulous due to all those walks I'll be taking!!!

Wishing you a wonderful last day of 2012.


  1. Popped in here from MareeLovesColor..your latest follower! OFf to read some more lovely stuff @ your place:)

  2. you too Trudy! the blanket going to be gorgeous! I had to laugh at the 45 word list, easily done! I have also be thinking about words for next year. I like the idea of a word a month. I might do an overall word re-inforced by some others. but any way it sounds as though you have made a beginning, well done. Have a good new year, Heather x

  3. I wish I could crochet!! I love this! If I could crochet I think I would make a different blanket for every holiday! Your squares are lovely. Thank you for your compliment on my pages, but they aren't finished yet, I hope to do a lot more today and tomorrow, I mean I don't go out and party so I might as well do crafts :)... I hope you have a very peaceful and prosperous 2013! Love, Tammy xx

  4. Wishing you a year of fantastic words! Full of inspiration and creativity, I love those blocks! :) x

  5. Happy New Year Trudy! Wishing you much happiness and good health in 2013.

    Amanda xx

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  6. Hi Trudy,
    Loving the blocks ( i know the inner turmoil of using colours you wouldn't usually use , I'm still on with eldest's blanket and it is nearly finished but it's been a battle at times!!).Where you are using cream ,I calmed his down with white .
    I love to pop by to look at your quilts ( yes I have quilt envy ,I would give all of them a home ). You really make me want to make another quilt but as yet I haven't had time , oh sigh !
    So keep crafting and inspiring and all the best for 2013 .

  7. Hey Trudy, first day of 2013........it's going to be warm,but there's a coolness here this morning.
    Great post, a word a month I like that. A few years ago my sisters and I chose a phrase to accompany the coming new year.....'Just do it'.......not sure if we did, but I loved the idea.
    Love the insight into who you are and applaud you for your honesty too.....
    The rug is looking great, love the patterns and colours....it's going to be wonderful.

    Well here we go the new year has begun, hope it's a wonderful ride for you and look forward to reading all about it...

    Claire X

  8. Loving your new crochet squares, they are certainly colourful! I can never get my head around the word a year thing, I keep changing my mind. Well done for writing about what you celebrate about yourself, good for you. :-) Gillian x

  9. Happy New year to you and your family....the crocheting is beautiful...look forward to watching your blogging journey this year. x


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