28 October 2012

Diamonds to Hexagons

Let me take you back to a day early in May, 2007.  I was in the store, Patchwork on Central Park (Melbourne, not New York)  where I am always inspired by their range of fabric and by their quilts hanging on the walls.  I can't remember why I was there.  Does one need a reason?  I think not.  I was probably just mooching around, probably had a piece or two of fabric in my hand, when I spied a quilt on the wall that quite literally took my breath away.  It was love at first sight.  Lust even.  I needed to own it and the only way that was going to happen was if I made one myself.

Using fingers, knuckles and outstretched hands I tried to calculate everything about this quilt, and the next day I started making it.  Lots of diamonds, stitched together to make hexagons.  The following month I saw that the maker of this quilt was giving a class.  I was there.  I learned all the tricks needed, especially how to cut fabric to create illusions.  I mastered the art of fussy cutting here.

I made the first 12 hexagons in 36 days, I recorded every piece of fabric I used and where I had got it from, I scanned into the computer each and every hexagon I made (hmmm, perhaps it would be finished had I not needed to record it all to the extent I did?!!)  The next 12 hexagons were made in 26 days, the next took 6 months.  Hexagons numbered 73 - 84 took a year and a half, then nothing for two years.  You can see my gusto got up and left me, can't you?

I stopped recording and I made the decision to make a single bed sized quilt rather than my initial idea of a double bed size, which means I need 18 more hexagons to finish (rather than the daunting task of 97 more), and this is where I need your help.  At regular intervals I just want you to say the word "hexagon" to get me moving on this project again, or "cattle prod" could also do the trick.

... because it will all be worth it in the end.

Okay, hexagon/cattle prod, you got it?


  1. Oh Trudy, this is WOW! Can I just BEG you to finish it? Please, please, please, pretty please! Wish I was the owner of the single bed! Ada :)

  2. Oh you really MUST finish it Trudy, it's fabulous. And think of all the hard work you've already put into it! A future family heirloom to be treasured for many years.
    Angie x

  3. Hi Trudy, the quilt is amazing! stay with it!! finish it. Can you do one a day? it could be done in a month, and then you can parade up and down and say "look what I made!" it can become part of your crafty resume! ps. great you got a piano.Heather x

  4. Hexagon, hexagon. Fabulous so far, looking forward to seeing the end result xx

  5. Oh my gosh girl, that is the most amazing quilt! WOW! And there is no reason to need an excuse to go into a fabric store! Or a craft store!!

  6. Oh my gosh girl, that is the most amazing quilt! WOW! And there is no reason to need an excuse to go into a fabric store! Or a craft store!!

  7. I have some hexagons of my own on the go at the moment, I'd love to show you but they are for Miss M and I know she reads my blog!!!! But will def keep nagging you! And hopefully Miss M's quilt will be finished ready to give to her for xmas and then I'll be able to post pictures :)

  8. Your quilt is just gorgeous! It would be a shame not to finish it! Best wishes from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Trudy you are not alone in starting a project with great gust and then finding the enthusiasm dwindles over time........I have a few hidden at the back of the cupboard.Had this been me I would've downsized from a double bed to single bed quilt and eventually ended up with a lovely cushion!!.....
    The hexagons are just wonderful and I'm sure I would never get any sleep beneath a quilt like this as I would be admiring all the hexies and trying to pick out my favourite colour combos.....

    Go for it you can do it.........maybe tell yourself for the amount of time you spend playing your piano you have to spend similar amount of time working on your quilt. Would that help?

    Beautiful morning here, hope you have a lovely day too...

    CLaire x

  10. Wow! It's pretty amazing already - you must finish it! Your quilts are so beautiful and I want to see how this one looks finished.

    HEXAGON! x

  11. Cattle Prod.... Great idea maybe one a day...

  12. I was thinking maybe you could make it a lap quilt or childrens quilt, I'm sure your daughters would appreciate that one day for their children. Then you could enjoy it as a finished item! Sometimes I think we just need to finish things and that a burst of new energy comes when we do! You have climbed so many mountains lately maybe base camp is okay on this one....! Hope I'm not being interfering! Heather x

  13. Hi Peeps! Thank you all so much for your gorgeous encouragement on the hexie quilt. I finished one yesterday, so now only 17 to go. Will post the new ones a few at a time as I finish them so you know (and I know) I'm keeping on track!! I really like the suggestion of one a day, but I truly don't think that's possible at the moment with all the other "life stuff" going on!!!


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