28 September 2012

A Bit of Crochet

There has been a bit of crochet happening around here on my mixed stitch stripey blanket.  Truth be told, there has also been a bit of un-doing and re-doing of the mixed stitch stripey blanket.  So, all in all, not a great deal of progress, but a lot of improvement.

Can you see a bit of a wave there?  Let's pan out a bit and have a really good look at what was happening.  Are you ready for this ... beware, this is scary crochet, this is the horror story of straight rows of crochet.  It may shock!!

Yes, I could put my crochet on the table and it formed a perfect circle!!  At this point I thought I should just keep going and make a skirt of the mixed stitch stripey kind but I'm not sure my little town is ready for crochet garments!

My problem seemed to be with my tension.  Tension of the blanket, which soon became tension of the person holding onto the hook.  So, best solution?  Undo.  Lots and lots of rows came undone to get back to the problem.  I don't think any amount of blocking was going to help this baby (not that I've ever blocked any work, I've always let the weight of a blanket and the use of a blanket be my blocking process).

Anyway I'm happy to announce that the circular look of the blanket is behind me, it's still a little wavy but I can live with a little wavy and I will, for the first time ever, block my work.  I'll need your help on this at the end of the project.  Lots of hints and tips please!!

So this is where I'm up to now. The next stitch to come is the bobble stitch and the very idea of it is scaring the pants off me!!

If you never see any reference to this blanket again then you'll know the bobble won.
Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Looking good Trudy! The bobble row is not really scary, I'm sure you'll do it with ease! Love the colours you are using, have a great day! Julie :)

  2. It looks fab! Love your colours. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has been undoing rows!!
    Bobbles are ok, I did a little tester patch about 30 chains long and did bobbles in 1 colour first, then when I was happy with them I changed to 2 colours, did a few rows and only then started the bobble row on my blanket! Saved any disasters on the blanket!!
    As for blocking... I have only blocked once and it was easy-peasy :) But you will need lots of room to block a big blanket!!!
    Happy crochet!
    Karen x x

  3. You were wise to undo...I keep thinking I will start and catch up with you, and Karen, I think I am too far behind, on the other hand if you do all the testing and undoing and then I can just stitch away knowing someone else has done the hard work! I am making a blackberry stitch cushion cover at the moment, my first time bobbling, very easy and it keeps really straight, you will be glad to know! Fiona x

  4. These colours look SO GOOD together, just fab! Have a great weekend! Ada :(

  5. Looks like many of we 'crochet-alongers' are doing a bit of undoing and redoing! Love the colours you're using - isn't it amazing how different the same pattern looks in different colour combinations?
    Angie x

  6. You were right to undo it. Otherwise it would have made you unhappy to work on. It's coming along great now and the colours are soooo great!

  7. it's going to be an amazing blanket, you must win on the bobble stitch, no pressure! I watch in horror as you had to frog it! oh dear, but it looks like it's on it's way again! I really love the colours, it's going to be FAB! Heather x

  8. Well, so far, i think it's stunning. I love the colours you've chosen and am in awe of your crochet abilities!

    I too have tension "issues" - I always start off too loose then tighten as I work. You were right to undo it - if you're going to put all that time and effort into a project, then you may as well make it as good as you can. x

  9. Your choice of colours for this blanket are beautiful. It will be gorgeous when it is finished. I'm only a novice blogger myself and your blog is really well done. I'll be looking to it of inspiration for sure.

  10. Hey Trudy, good on you for undoing your work and fixing it up. Not easy when it's taken a long time to get to where you are.....
    Great colours, it looks so interesting and bobbles are a doddle, you'll romp it in....
    Keep at it, it's going to look A mazing when it's finished!!

    Claire :}

  11. Wow Trudy that blanket is beautiful, and well done for undoing and fixing it - always a hard choice but you'll be so pleased with it not being circular when it's finished!! Gorgeous colour choices too, and good luck with the bobbles! Rachel xx

  12. Hi Trudy - this is going to be a stunning blanket. Glad its not a skirt - lol!! I had a similar problem with my first granny stripe. No matter how loose I tried to do the initial chain, I kept getting a tight first row. In the end I increased the hook by 2mm for the chain and first row and then reverted to the normal size and now all is well. Lily. xxx

  13. Hi Trudy, yes indeed this is gonna be a stunning blankie....love all the differamt types of stitches..very inspiring.
    Hugs Pixie x

  14. I want to make this just like the picture. Please tell me how many of what colors are used. Thanks, Susan

    1. Hello Susan, thanks for your interest in this blanket. Unfortunately, five years on I've not keep any records of colours or quantities. You may ask Little Woolie about quantities as it is her pattern. As for the colours, perhaps take a photo and ask for some assistance in a wool shop. Sorry I can't be more helpful, good luck! Trudy

    2. Thanks for the quick response! I did copy Little Woolie instructions...I want to make a queen size (ambitious project!) I THINK you used 14 colors? My skeins are 7 oz each. One of each be enough do you think? Susan


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