08 October 2012

A Slice of Local History

This is a photo of our town, many years ago, when it was known as Stockyard Creek and the people still remembered when gold was found.  It shows the Bank of Australasia, the Post and Telegraph Office and the local merchant's house.  This was the centre of town and this is where things happened in the 1890s.  If you could look out from the windows of the house you would see the local hotel.

Fast-forward 120 years and this is our house, moved out of the centre of town into a quiet street.  Sadly the chimneys and fireplaces were taken out and the fence has grown.  A magnificent magnolia tree that was planted at the side of the house back in the 1890s still stands in the middle of town, so as a memory to it's earlier foundations we have planted a magnolia in our little front garden.

If only she would survive another move I would pick her up and put her down again, somewhere.  Somewhere like this.  Oh, she would love it so much.  And so would I!!

Thought you might like a little peek at where I live.  Won't show you inside ... not until the renovations are finished anyway!  And promise I will have craftiness to share with you soon.  Not just yet, but soon.  Please wait.  Be patient : -)
See you Day 9 of Blogtoberfest!!


  1. Wow, your house has proper history! I love that top photo, it looks so Wild West. Your house looks pretty and that view is just stunning, you lucky thing. x

  2. Your house looks lovely, but what is so amazing is that view in the last photo. How do you ever get anything done.

  3. just catching up and saying hi, glad you won the bobble test! all the learning is good. The quilt looks great and the backing is very racey! Nice to see your house, did you really move it?! lovely to have that history with it. Your cosy mornings sound great, and your family on the stage! enjoy Heather x

  4. Wow, that's amazing Trudy, to think that your house was just taken up and moved! How long have you lived there?
    Looking forward to seeing the inside when you're done!
    Angie x

  5. What a lovely snippet of history! Ada :)

  6. Sorry peeps, I think I've confused you!! Our house was moved from the centre of town in the 1970s to a street just a five minute walk away. We have been in the house almost 6 years and I would love to move her to the open countryside and to give her a view other than the one she has now, which is houses on the other side of the street!!

  7. All you Blogtoberfesters ... I can't keep up with the commenting! I couldn't skip a comment today though, not on this marvellous post! How lovely to have a house with such history! And such a house, I love these old wooden affairs, nothing like that here.

    I'll look forward to the post rennovation reveal :D

  8. Nice to have a 'history' to your home Trudy......
    I hope the Magnolia you've planted thrives like the 'original'.

    Now the view you wish you had is wonderful. Can't imagine I would get much sewing done with that view....it would be all about the garden.

    CLaire :}

  9. What wonderful history! Certainly something to be treasured.

  10. Hey there ... loving your blogging style ... & how about the history of your home ... very cool ... Thanks for sharing Happy Blogtoberfest!


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