08 January 2013

Tim Coulson's The Nursery

One of the main reasons for travelling to Canberra was to attend Tim Coulson's The Nursery - a photo course, given to me by my husband for my birthday last year.  I had stumbled over Tim's blog and was pulled in by his honesty and warmth, and amazingly beautiful photos.  His course is to teach people to take their camera setting off automatic and start playing with exposure, aperture and shutter speed.  Daunting?  Yes!  And take a look at my first attempt, trying to remember what I was suppose to do ... I let way too much light in and therefore totally overexposed the photo.  At this point there could only be improvement.

Tim's beautiful wife, Kesh, stood so patiently for us to photograph her, and this is the photo I took at the end of the photo shoot.  There were moments when I was completely bamboozled, and Tim was there with his patience, understanding and skill, and a reminder not to be too hard on yourself day one!!

But even more importantly was Tim's teaching of shooting with emotion.  How to make a connection with the person you are photographing, how to notice and anticipate the small, beautiful moments.  To feel the love of another person.

I have a lot of hours to put in and the only way I'll get there is if I keep my camera off the automatic setting.  So, I'm in for the long haul, but I know it will be worth it if I can create more meaningful photos.  It was a lovely day and I so enjoyed meeting all the other women on the course.  Thanks Tim!



  1. That would have been awesome to be a part of....look forward to seeing some fab photos on your blog. xx

  2. well done Trudy, I didn't realize you would also be going on a photography course, how nice. I must admit I don't seem to photograph people very much, but I would love to get a better camera and know what to do with it! Heather x

  3. Lovely! I am jealous - I have read about The Nursery on down under blogs and it looks amazing. The photo of Kesh is great. I am taking my camera off automatic more and more but have no idea what I'm doing - it's all trial and error. I take about forty crap photos for one good one.

    You've been in my thoughts - we are hearing such scary news about the bush fires - I hope you and yours are safe.

    Gillian x

  4. What an exciting journey! Looking forward to seeing where it takes you! :) x

  5. Sounds very brave to me Trudy, my camera is firmly set on automatic! All those buttons and dials and numbers and symbols that I don't understand!
    Looks like you are getting the hang of it though! Well done! And enjoy!
    Angie x

  6. I have been trying to go manual, but then usually take a few shots on automatic which I consider my insurance shots. Also have the method of taking so many shots that hopefully one will be good. I think being able to spot a good picture is a useful skill.

  7. Looks like to me like you've made great progress already!

    And what a lovely surprise your new header was, although I did like the last one.

    Happy shooting :D


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