03 October 2012

The Dance of the 20 Bobbles

There has been some happy dancing happening in the house!  My mixed stitch stripey bobbled blanket and I are now the best of friends.  Yes, I won the battle and my blanket has bobbles!!  Yippeeeeeee.

There's a bit of a new routine around this neck of the woods.  My girls are currently on school holidays, and hubby is at home a lot, still in recovery-phase and I have set up a morning "office" in bed!!  I grab a bowl of cereal, unplug my laptop, get my crochet blanket and hop back into bed for ohhhh a couple of hours!!  I know, it's utterly disgraceful (other Very Important Things are not getting done), but it is such a snoozy, fabulous way to start the day and I'm making the most of it because I know it won't last!!

Want to see another photo?  We haven't spent quite enough time looking at these bobbles yet have we?

Okay, so some are a little less "bobbly" than others.  I'll let you in on a little secret, after I had finished my complete row of bobbles and the next row, I did in fact notice a slight mistake with each and every bobble.  Yes, each and every one, which means at least it's consistent, and I have decided not to undo the rows and look on this as a learning curve, or a learning bobble.

The good thing here is that I am learning new stitches, undoing where there must be undoing and most importantly, being okay about things that are okay but not perfect.  I think I'm growing!!!  There would have been a time when less-than-perfect would have been rolled up in a ball and shoved under the bed never to be seen or heard of again.

Okay, I'm off to learn the outline cluster pattern.  Wish me luck.
Hope you have a very happy, bobbly kind of day.


  1. Yeeeees, you did it Trudy, I had every confidence in you, look at what you already crocheted, it's wonderful.

    As for the office in bed, nothing at all disgraceful about it.......your life you live it a you see fit and enjoy every moment snuggled under the doona.
    Yes, I'm feeling a little envious, jet lag still hanging around up at 6.15 am and I loooove my bed!!
    Beautiful, sunny day here in N E Vic, hope it's the same over your way.

    Here's to bobbles, yay!!

    Claire x

  2. You cerntainly have been bobbly busy. It`s great to snuggle up and enjoy each others company.

  3. Yay! Well done! Your bobbles look fab!
    Karen x

  4. I LOVE it! Can't wait to see the finished creation! Ada :)

  5. Aaah, bobbles, one thing I didn't tackle yet. Good for you that you did though, the give the blanket yet another look (like every row does!).

  6. Brilliant bobbles, well done! I cheated with mine and made them in the same colour as the background as I couldn't quite manage to hide the coloured threads - now I'm feeling shamed! Maybe I'll have another go...
    Angie x

  7. Your bobbles are perfect. The blanket is beginning to look great. Isn't it so rewarding when you perfect a stitch that you've been dreading?

  8. Your bobbles look pretty perfect to me, and that blanket is coming along nicely. I love the colours you chose. x

  9. I agree, a couple of housrs sneaky crochet time in bed is wonderful...it is what I do on a Sunday as OH gets up and goes playing golf early so I crochet, on my own, with Radio 4, mug of tea and a nest of pillows and blankets...thank goodness for teen age children and not toddlers!!

  10. It's looking really good. Bobbles are always a bit of a bu**er...

  11. Oh your bobbles are gorgeous ;) Love the sound of your routine, sounds ideal, under the covers is my fave place. My current want is to learn to crochet, it'll happen one day ;) An adorable post ;)

  12. Thanks so much for all your lovely, bobbly comments : -) I'm always encouraged by what you say.


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