08 March 2013


Today has been hot.  The type of hot that makes you feel that heat right through to your bones as soon as you step out the door.  The type of hot that makes you want to drink long, tall glasses of lemonade.  The type of hot that makes you squint when you go outside.  The type of hot that slows down your pace.  And the type of hot that draws you like a magnet to the nearest air-conditioning unit.

Fortunately I was able to achieve a few good things before the slothfulness set in, but now that I'm on the couch, feeling hot and sipping my long, tall drink I think I may just need to stay here for a while longer.

It's on days like this, feeling too hot like this, that you should never tackle anything above a very basic level of comprehension and skill, but did I think of that when I took to my new shirt with a quick unpick?  No.  I thought, I need to do something and not just sit and keep thinking it's hot, it's hot, it's hot.  So out came that little alteration job on the shirt.  Just a couple of buttons to remove because it had a weird flappy buttony feature that I didn't quite like ... oh-uh, now sporting a hole not just on one sleeve but on both.  That little alteration job has become a major mending job that requires Creativity and Skill.  I'm thinking a patched-look could be quite the thing.

And so I sit, welcoming any amount of cool to float through the front door;  deciding that take-away is the order of the day, because I don't want to make the house any hotter by turning the oven on.  Trying not to overthink the fact that my twelve year old daughter is volunteering to have her head shaved next week as she wants to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation.

Not wanting to go to bed because I know it will be far too hot to slip off to the Land of Nod.

Hope you're having some cool breezes where you are.

p.s.  Sorry I've had to add the Word Verification to my blog - I know how annoying it is - but I'm being bombarded with spam messages constantly and it's driving me bonkers!


  1. Wishing you a cool change soon!!

  2. yes...i agree...very hard to feel creative or put much effort into anything at the mo in this heat! i have been a bit naughty and cranking the airconditioner at night and crocheting -pretending that im much cooler then i actually am.hopefully the cool change will be here soon and it will actually start to feel luke autumn...mezz.

  3. Oh Trudy! I'm finding it a little difficult to sympathise with your heat problem when it's cold and wet here in England, and so foggy I can't even see the fields behind Poppy Cottage!!!! And the very thought of a long cold drink makes me shiver when all I want is a mug of steaming hot tea - and is it too early to light the log fire?
    But I can actually just about remember what it feels like to be too hot to even think straight! And I think (just think!) I might even prefer to be too cold than too hot! A happy medium is what I would like; sunny, but not hot!
    And please don't worry about your 12 year old, be PROUD of her for wanting to help others! And I'm sure her hair will grow back very quickly!!
    Angie x

  4. Wow Trudy I can only imagine being that hot! it sounds like real stick your head in the fridge hot!! nice though......the idea of mooching around on a hot summers evening wearing a sarong and sipping long drinks is actually quite nice! I will look froward to that. You never know we may have one of our extreme summers although I don't think we hit the summer heat that you do. Well enjoy your summer mending or patching, I like your photos by the way, Heather x

  5. Here in Scotland its not so much cool breezes as Arctic winds! It is absolutely freezing at the moment, so I quite envy you your lovely heat!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Hey Trudy, not quite the post I needed to read at 2.41am!!
    Can't sleep it's too hot, got up and turned the fan on, but still tossing and turning.
    Fortunately, there haven't been too many of these nights this Summer........
    No cool change till Thursday next week, so I heard, ugh!!
    Reading through the comments a bout the cold weather in the UK.......can only dream about it.
    Hopefully, sleep will overcome me soon......
    Hope you manage to creatively fix your shirt......

    Claire :}

  7. I am really trying , but just can't imagine that heat right now, today it was almost sleety rain and grey...oh so grey!! having said that I can't handle being too hot, so I totally sympathize with you...wishing you and lovely cool breeze to follow
    love sophie xx

  8. Dont you just hate it when your clothes adhere to your body in a wet clingy film and have to be pried from your buttocks after you've sat for ten minutes in the heat. Lately the clouds have been gathering in the afternoon and humidity increases - urrgh intolerable. I'm with you, slothful activity on the couch which air conditioner blasting

  9. You almost had me fooled with your hibiscus until I realised you had photo shopped them, - a bit slow in this heat!

  10. Ok, it's quite hot. We had sleet here today.

    Recently a girl in my daughter's school who must've been 9 or 10 with very long hair had her hair cut very short and donated the hair to a charity which makes wigs for children with cancer. I was blown away by the gesture but if I'm really, really honest, I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be with Bella doing it. My baby! Her precious hair!

    RE the spam messages - I've just started getting loads and I've closed comments on posts older then one month old. I only seem to get them on ancient posts. I'm hoping that helps.

    Stay cool Trudy! Gillian x

  11. Hi Trudy
    well I'm longing for a bit of that hot at present as I am so very sick of gale force winds. I have never know such a windy beginning of a new year and stretching near to spring. It can go take a bunk cos I want spring in all its glory!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. I am sure what the 12 year old is doing is for a great charity is she registered on line with it and what is the link... It will still be warm enough there will it not to go short...

  13. It is really strange listening to how hot you are because it has turned so very cold here in UK. We have had daily temperatures struggling to get above -1 and it seems to be a penetrating kind of chilliness. I have to say though that I would rather be cold than hot because it is so much easier to do something about it. I hope your shirt turns out OK. I have done a similar boo boo trying to take the hem up on some voile curtains. Its so much harder than I thought and I have cut the bottoms off 4 pairs so there is no turning back!


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