04 September 2012

Finished Project for August

Just a few day's late ... I've been a bit distracted, but here is my finished project for August.  It's a funny little house pincushion, designed by Sue Spargo, but with a lot of tweaking by me.  I was going for a bit of a Dutch Colonial look as in the picture below ...

... but something happened along the way and I ended up with this!!

Not one of those projects that at the end gives you a moment's smugness at one's personal achievement, oh deary no!  This was more like "grrr, wonky stitches, mumble, mumble, seams don't match, mumble, mumble, I could have done that differently, better, etc. etc. ..."

But my list of unfinished projects is one project lighter, so onwards and upwards.

Wishing all the wonky stitches away.


  1. I can't see and wonky stitches! It has character, looks fab! Ada :(

  2. Don't worry - Picasso had the same problem...

  3. Hey Trudy, I think you are being a little harsh about your sweet pincushion. The colours are wonderfully vibrant and I never noticed any wonky stitching, or seams not matching till you pointed it out.....
    It really is very sweet,

    Claire :}

  4. I love it, wonky stitches in all. In fact, it looks pretty perfect to me. I love the little windows, so cute!

  5. it's lovely, I love it! I love little houses, it's got loads of character and I really like the colours. Triangles and little stiches on the windows it's fab! Heather x

  6. It's really awesome, I know it's easy sometimes just to see the faults in things, but try to enjoy its bright cheeriness and character.

  7. It looks like the beautiful colourful buildings in Copanhagen. Great to see the August project....

  8. Thank you for all your gorgeous comments about my little house ... wonky stitches and all!!!

  9. Very Very original though and I love the door.....and wonky rocks (not that I see its wonky) ...it adds charm to it

    Amanda :-)

  10. your cushion has a lovely naive style and the colours rock. We are our own harshest critics, its lovely


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