13 January 2013

Tea and Woolly Pursuits

How wonderful the blogging community is.  It is such a pleasure to meet lovely people through blogging, and one in particular is the gorgeous Alison from Hill & Vale.  Alison makes her own blend of Chai Tea and offered to send me a sample after I had left her a very silly comment on her blog!  When her package arrived I thought perhaps she had something a bit mixed up because look at the size of this parcel ... enough tea to quench the thirst of a hall full of CWA ladies!  Beautifully presented in a vintage linen tea towel with a map of Australia and some rather grizzly Aussie animals, and a card of instructions to help me blend the perfect cup of tea.

I was wrong because look what was within the wrapping of linen, a beautifully mismatched china tea cup and saucer!  How lucky am I?  What a surprise!  Lovely china makes a cup of tea taste Even Better.

Thank you so much Alison!  Your gift was a delight and your tea is absolutely delicious!   Lovely to have a quiet cuppa in amongst the shenanigans of school holiday activities.  And I haven't forgotten you, I am on the lookout for a lovely return surprise to have arrive in your letterbox ... soon!

And woolly pursuits you ask?  Yes, more squares have been added into the mix, and the number is growing.  They get laid out on the bed and admired far too often ... if only I applied myself a little more to their actual making!

Girl 2 is very excited by the progress, but keeps mentioning the need for more pink!  So more pink there will be, after all it will be her very own snuggly blanket for her very own [pink] room.

Wishing you a happy day/weekend/week.


  1. what a lovely package...
    Your crochet squares are beautiful, i love the colours and that each one is different to the next, you are so clever Trudy :-) x

  2. What a lovely gift, and how beautiful are your squares, wow - your daughter will have a wonderful blanket if she manages to be patient enough! Joy xx

  3. a lovely gift, the tea cup makes it really special doesn't it. the blanket coming on well, I might have to make one sometime! enjoy the holidays! Heather x

  4. How exciting to find such a lovely surprise package in the mail.......love mismatched china.
    Your blanket is coming along beautifully, love all the squares Trudy particularly the pink and red one.
    Hope you had a great weekend,

    Claire x

  5. What a lovely surprise!
    And your lovely squares have inspired me to come out of my stripy comfort zone and have a go myself!
    Angie x

  6. i am so in love with the beginnings of your granny blanket! Absolute Perfection!!
    What a Lucky girl you are with pretty china and yummy tea!! x

  7. I'm loving the crochet, beautiful colours! :) x

  8. What a lovely gift. Your square are great, but I also like the butterflies peeping out below.

  9. What a great surprise - I love the tea towel. Your squares are coming along really well.

  10. What a nice gift. The crochet is very, very lovely, but I have to say how much I like your butterfly bedspread underneath!

    Gillian x

  11. I loved your crochet squares! They look like so much fun to do, and what a great blanket they would make, all stitched together!
    Karen x
    ps - just found your WIP list :) great idea! x


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