02 April 2013

Would you?

If you were told the moon was a balloon and you were the only one to see the string, would you pull it close?  Would you be tempted to make friends with the man in the moon?  And if you did and a small boy was standing at his window, scared because he'd had that same dream again of being chased by a tiger with a crown on it's head, through the jungle, and he saw you and he ran to his parents to tell them that he saw the moon slowly descending to earth, and they just tucked him back up in bed telling him shhhh, shhh it's just another dream, would you keep giving that string a gentle tug?

Or if you grew fairy wings would you fly up to the moon and tell the moon not to be lonely anymore because you were there and would visit often?  Would you become friends with the moon and tell each other stories.  Learn what it is like to be up in the night sky, and share with the moon what it is like being earthed, with daisies growing at your feet?

Beautiful cards in our store, illustrated by the very talented Lisa Falzon, which inspired a little bit of fantasy and thought.

Hope you've had a lovely Easter.
Don't tell anyone but I'm sitting up in bed eating chocolate!!


  1. Ah a woman after my own heart, hehe.......good on you Trudy, I'm sure you need a break from all the busy ness of life at the moment.
    Gorgeous cards and I love the little bit of fantasy that goes with them.

    Claire :}

  2. Mmmmmm, chocolate in bed, my idea of heaven!
    Angie x

  3. So pleased you are enjoying your new work, it must be wonderful to be surrounded by lovely things all day! Hope you have had a good Easter break. jilly

  4. Lovely images... and a bit of what you fancy does you good, especially in bed! smiles Cass

  5. I used to think that if I got a tall enough ladder I could climb up to the moon and touch it! Love those thoughts. Jane x

  6. How did your daughter go with her fundraising for Shave for a Cure? Has she got a cold head?...

    1. Thanks for asking : -)
      She raised over $2,200 and is wearing lots of hats, scarves, beanies, but not all at once!! A week later, and already her hair is growing : -)

    2. Fantastic effort...

  7. Lovely illustrations! Eating chocolate in bed......good for you! :) x

  8. Hi trudy, hope things are going okay? glad your having your chocolate quota! hope it's no still all work no play! Heather x

  9. Beautiful cards. I could stare at them for hours.

    Hope you had a happy Easter. x

  10. ~ Beautiful and enchanting and soo magical...LOVE these cards....I wave at Mr moon from my window, when he is full and when he is waxing and waning, I just blow a kiss! Just found your sweet blog and ever so glad I did! ~ I am your newest follower..~ with 'Twinkles' *** Maria x


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