20 October 2012

The Messenger etc.

Love, love, love a stack of magazines and books ... anywhere in the house.  It's the only thing I never tidy up.  There can be mini stacks all over and I don't mind, Not At All.  Here's a pile sitting on my desk at the moment.

Would you believe the Kaffe Fassett book has been in the house for 3 days and I haven't sat down and had a good look at it yet?  I've had a quick flick through and decided it needs 'special time' to sit with a cuppa and at least half an hour to give it it's due.  I did spot a younger model Kaffe.  He is such an inspiring man.
The November issue of Country Style magazine slipped into the letterbox this week and I had a chance to read some of the articles this morning, waiting for Girl 2 to complete her violin lesson.  Featured within the pages is Cradle Mountain, Tasmania!
And now I need to tell you about a book I have just read, while on holidays, called 'The Messenger' by young Australian author, Markus Zusak.  It was written in 2002, so maybe it's been read and discussed by lots of people already, but it's new to me and I loved it.
The main protagonist is a 19 year old down-and-out taxi driver and I was wondering how I would relate to him and how much I would enjoy the book, but Zusak's writing is clever and he has woven a tale of suspense, drama, mystery and action and shows us the true value of random acts of kindness.  Have you read it?  Did you love it too?
What are you reading at the moment?
Hope you have some book/magazine time this weekend.


  1. Hey Trudy, just catching up here. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday!

    I'm just the same with books ... the heaps in my house fall into three categories; laundry, whippets and books!

    It's always fascinating to see the different titles you have 'down under' ... I must track down a copy of your recommended read :)

  2. I love Kaffe Fassett too. I think I have all his quilt books! They are so inspirational and just lovely to look at. xx

  3. I have a stack of magazines and books on the table just waiting for me to have a few moments. Crochet, Southern Loving, etc. I like to get lost in them.

    The book sounds very interesting. I'll have to check to see if it's available here in the US. My kindle is about to blow up with books at the moment. I'm reading "Confessions" by Ryne Douglas Pearson. It's about a priest and police chaplain who hears a confession from a dying man that reveals who killed his sister 5 years earlier and how he deals with the lines that can't be crossed. Very interesting so far.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. I haven't read that one! I have far too many books and magazines, I hate getting rid of my magazines. Every so often I have a splurge, much to the delight of my friends! Ada :)

  5. I have not read The Messenger but I am looking at a copy of The Book Thief by the same author which I haven't read yet, but it came very highly recommended.

    I am currently reading magazines in bed at night which feels very indulgent but it's the only time i seem to find to read them! x

  6. I have a bunch of screen printing books that I am going through at the moment. I also have a Kaffe Fassett book which he signed for me at the Festival of Quilts this August - I love looking at the photos and the beautiful colours.

  7. I have read The Book Thief, and would really recommend it, although it is not an easy read, but was totally gripping. I was really surprised that my son came home with it, and is reading it as his school text. I may try and read The Messenger, as I have been reading too much light stuff recently.

    What I really want to know is what is Frankie 49 further down the pile of books?

    1. Frankie is a very hip-cool Aussie magazine, filled with fabulous photos, stories, graphics. In fact it's probably way too hip-cool for me!! And also would hate to be called hip and cool, but I'm sure I don't have the right words to describe it!! On the cover it promotes Design/Art/Photography/Fashion/Travel/Music/Craft/Home/Life ... covers it all really. And it has a UK price of 6 pounds 50, so you might want to have a look out for it? The current issue, #50 features the lovely Kate at Foxs Lane ... do you know her blog? This is a 'sometimes' magazine for me, when I want to get in touch with my 30 year old self, haha!!!!

  8. Kaffe Fassett is a bit of a hunk...


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