21 October 2012

Finished Project for October

Be stunned and amazed.  A finished project for October, finished in October, blogged about in October ... whatever it takes to have a post for Blogtoberfest!!

This is another 'cheaty' finished project.  It's a cheat because it hasn't finished up being what it was supposed to be!  Sometimes I find it's the best way to finish a project that's been hanging about for years, and this one has.  I took it away with me when hubby and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (almost 4 years ago!!)

And it was supposed to be this, which is really pretty and sweet, but it wasn't getting done.  This was a project started at a lovely crafting day out with friends, designed by the gorgeous Rosalie Quinlan.  For me those craft days are almost too exciting to sit down and stitch, there's so much buzzing around me.

So rather than leaving the project discarded, I thought of a way to finish it to become something completely different.  I have framed it in a hoop and it's ready to hang.  With my girls soon going into their own rooms, I thought this may look sweet on one of their walls, and Girl 2 has claimed it as her own.

How many more itsy-bitsy projects have I got socked away, before I have to get finishing on the big ones, my quilts ... eek, not many!!  I'm off to cross this one off the list.
Have a happy Sunday.


  1. It's a simple and cute project. Are there many more you have to finish???? You have inspired me to set up a spare room for all my arty stuff. John has made me a table which has shelves to store my pastels flat. I also bought some cube shelves. It was lucky I did as we discovered the floor was wet where it was going (we think the washing machine was the culprit on the other side of the wall!
    I really enjoy seeing all your projects, your stories and your photo's...
    Denise :)

  2. Very pretty, and doesn't it feel good to have finished something that was started ages ago?

  3. It feels good to finish things off doesn't it. I have a few toddler jumpers that I got all the way to the sewing up bit and for some strange reason just left them. My husband found them last week when he was tidying up the wardrobe. I must finish them and pass them on to charity (the little boy is now about 3 yrs too old for them!) Lily. xxx

  4. Lovely, little hoop embroidery Trudy.......
    Nice to tick one off the list.

    CLaire x

  5. Beautiful... I love to stitch on paper like this as well..

  6. Really lovely - no wonder it was claimed so quickly and you've still 10 days left in October!

  7. I love this, and for what it's worth, I think it's better just framed really simply on an embroidery hoop. Gorgeous. x

  8. good idea, so nice to finish projects, leaves some room for other things.


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