19 October 2012


When you arrive home from a holiday it's nice to find a couple of little momentos have snuck into your bags, reminders of towns visited, moments spent.  You bring a little bit of your holiday home.

I like this occupation.  I like it very much!  On this particular holiday to Tasmania I was very restrained.  Just three momentos was all that came home with me.  The first is a very colourful postcard of houses, the original a watercolour by Steve Howells.  There's something about a row of houses, or even a single house that attracks me everytime.  Always will.

The next is a lovely linocut card by Joanne Wild.  I was particularly drawn to this image of the woman and her duck, and the stark contrast of orange on white.
And the final purchase, which I now realise was also bought in the same town as the cards, but on a different day, in Deloraine, is a dear rosy rabbit brooch.  She was pinned to my shirt today when I went out for lunch.  She requested lettuce leaves, but I quietly whispered that she would eat when we got home, I've already found her manners to be somewhat questionable.
Simple treasures.  Lovely reminders.
Do you like to bring home small momentos of a holiday?
Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Very restrained! I usually bring back loads of things I couldn't resist buying, and simply must have, then they get put away in a drawer or cupboard and forgotten!
    More recently I try to buy something small that can go on a Christmas Tree, then every year when we decorate the tree it brings back lots of happy memories of where and when we bought it!
    Love the bunny brooch
    Angie x

  2. I have just started to read your blog, i will be visiting more often. I love your momentos, especially the Rosy Rabbit brooch.

  3. I'm really bad about saving everything, but I usually put all my little treasures in a journal or scrapbook at a later date, I even made a page of receipts recently, they were so faded, I just used them as the paper!

  4. One of the things I like best, is to find sea glass and bring that home, I've got a tall glass jar that I hope to fill. I really like that top painting! Ada :)

  5. You did very well. Live the linocut...thanks for visiting me!

  6. Love all your mementos Trudy, particular the bunny brooch.......great cards too.

    I bought a little Red Robin brooch from a store in Stanley when I visited Tassie last year and it has graced my cardis and jumpers throughout Winter.....love it.

    Claire x


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