04 October 2012

Finished Project for September

Four days into the new month, here is my finished project for September, a dolly quilt.  Well, actually this is not a photo of the finished quilt, this is the quilt in progress, all cut out, lined up and ready to hand sew different sized squares onto bigger squares.  Please excuse the quality of the photos.  I don't think any of them show the true colours, it was very hard to photograph and get the colours just right.

Do you ever have those times when you get together with a friend, an idea bubbles and the next thing you know you have a Wild Idea?  That happened two years ago, with my buddy, Trace.  We were away for a girls' weekend together, and of course we had packed our crafty bits and pieces.  By the end of the weekend we had decided to publish a book on dolly quilts!  We made a list of our guidelines, which covered different themes and size, we decided to each make them independently of the other and then compare them, and go from there.

We had a really, really long list of ideas which included themes such as Arabian Nights, Childhood Memories, Architectural, Worn and Faded, Inspirational, Home, Tribal, Amish etc. etc., but the one we started with was Tri-Coloured.  Size 16 x 16 inch square.  That was two years ago, and I've just finished.  The idea of the book has since been taken, and our enthusiasm has waned to say the least, but here we are finishing together.  Lots of life stuff has got in the way of this project.  Doesn't it always?
A funny thing happened on the way to the fabric store.  I had very clear ideas in my mind of the colours I wanted to work with.  Grey, cream and fawn.  Can you imagine it?  A lovely, soft, dreamy, sophisticated colour combination.  Then I went into the store, one of my favourites, Patchwork on Central Park, in Melbourne and I was bamboozled by all the colour and I picked up the teal which I instantly fell in love with and then the golden mustard colour and then the reddish burgundy and I was floating on Cloud Colour.  Purchases made and out I went, and did I think of grey, cream and fawn again?  Nope.
Eeek, these colours really don't do the real thing justice.  You're just going to have to believe me on that one!  It also still needs its wash and tumble to get any crinks out.  And here it is, snuggling with my re-discovered crochet dolly blanket from when I was little.

Another WIP off the list, hmmm, what to do for this month?
See ya tomorrow!!


  1. Sometimes, what you have in mind, ends up very different, usually much better! It's great! Ada :)

  2. Kudos to you! I love the colors and it looks great. I can't wait to see your other dolly blankets.

    I've had the same experience with color (and pattern) planning and it seems to to surprise and impress me in end. It's the fabric store that gives you the opportunity to test our what you like. Sadly, my three local favorites have closed. It's much more efficient and business savvy to operate on the Internet, but we quilters need the hands-on experience. How is it for your stores in Australia?

  3. Wonderful piece! Loved to see the process.

  4. You have an amazing eye for colour. There's no way if you described those colours to me I could ever imagine them together. Yet visually they're gorgeous. Well Done and Yes please use my theme ;)


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