05 October 2012

The Piano

No spending time in my "office" this morning.  I'm up early and about to go to my Dad's house, then drive to Melbourne to look at a piano.  We've been saving up for about a year, putting loose change, the odd note and portions of pocket money into The Piano Jar.  Girl 1 even brought in the rule if you borrow from the piano jar you have to pay 10% interest back into it (which mainly applied to me)!!  So the amount has steadily grown and we're ready to buy.

We always had a piano in the house when I was growing up, my Dad is a fabulous pianist and my Mum had her favourite few classical pieces she loved to play, very dramatically.  I was fortunate enough to learn for a few years when I was young, but have not played for years and years, which is such a big, fat shame.

When the piano arrives we all want to play it.  Girl 2 has been teaching herself, with her Pa's help, on Fridays after school when the girls go to my Dad's house.  It could be a case of take a number and stand in line!

Do you have something extra special you're saving up to buy?

Seeya tomorrow.


  1. Oooooooooo how exciting ;) I learnt for years as a kid, haven't played a note since, I wanted to be Liberace or Winifred Atwell and detested all the practice. Oh your piano will bring so much happiness and magic with it, enjoy, enjoy ;)

  2. We had a piano for many years when I was a teenager...noone ever learned to play...I regret that now...so exciting for your family...

  3. Your own piano, how exciting..........I have a very old piano that I enjoy sitting at and trying to play a tune or two on. It gives me a lot of enjoyment so I hope yours does too and that the enthusiasm the girls show continues . It's so satisfying to play an instrument....another string to the creative bow.

    Another corker here today, but a change and rain are on the way.....

    CLaire x

  4. What a fabulous thing to save for, especially as a family! Everyone here can play the keyboard but me! I was watching little Bea doing her practice last night and I was amazed how many fingers she using! Hope it's the perfect piano for you all! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  5. How lovely! I wish I could play, but then even if I could there wouldn't be enough room for a piano in Poppy Cottage! I'll have to be content with listening to piano music on my ipod.
    Hope it comes soon! Enjoy!
    Angie x

  6. My girls are lucky enough to be having their dad teach them on the piano that was their great grandmothers, so their grandmother learned of it as a child. Fabulous way to encourage everyone to contribute to something big that can't just be bought outright.
    We might do the same for holidays, we love to get away.

  7. Wow I've always wanted my own piano. But simply don't have the room in our little house here. I'm saving up for my own studio to be built in the back garden. Hopefully next year the building will finally begin. Then I can work away to my hearts content and be away from the distraction of all the housework!

  8. A piano, what a fabulous thing to save up for as a family. My Mum plays and my sisters and I all played as children but I stopped when I was a teen. I've always regretted that. I can barely even read sheet music now. That piano will be a gift and a joy to your family.

    ps. loved the quilt, especially how you went into the shop with one idea of how it would look and came out with something totally different!

  9. I can't hum a tune let alone play any kind of anything. I love walking down the street and hearing the sounds of someone playing something. I loved hearing Charlie play the Euphonium, it had such a lovely low smooth sound.
    You will shake your head at this Trud.....I'm saving up for a computer/speedo thingo for my bike. Oh dear!!!! :)))))


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