03 June 2012

Knit 1 Purl 1

Remember I mentioned that I was off to learn how to knit socks?  Did I also mention that I don't really consider myself a knitter?   I can K1, P1, very slowly mind you, but four needles with pointy bits at each end, and a tubular shape with heel bits, what was I thinking?

Let me tell you how the day unfolded.  After having a delicious lunch at the South Melbourne Trader, my buddy (brilliant knitter that she is had gone prepared, ready to "turn the heel" for goodness sake!) and I set out for the suburb of Kensington in Melbourne, to a cute little shop called Onabee.

Onabee is packed full to the brim with fabulous things.  All those things that we like so much!!  There was wool and buttons and fabric and craft kits ... it's a little Aladdin's Cave of goodness, and I was easily distracted by everything around me.

And on the little couch where we sat for our class there was some beautiful and inspiring crochet blankets.  I became absolutely smitten with the one on the far end, the pattern is from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book, and the square is called Willow.

Maybe my problem was that I was dreaming about a new crochet blanket project, or wondering how many chocolate biscuits it is socially acceptable to eat in a two-hour class.  Is three okay?  But sock knitting was not a happening thing for me.  After quickly assessing my skill-level it was decided that four needles should become two, and we'd do a pattern that requires stitching up at the end, and after casting on my 66 stitches and painstakingly doing a few rows it was decided that a different size needle was required, so I began again.  And now take a look at my knitting when I pulled it out of the bag this morning ...

Methinks I need to just quietly pop this away for a little while and come back to it later;  to perhaps realise in life there are moments for challenges and moments for sitting in the comfort of knowing exactly what it is that you are doing!!

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and have a fabulous week.
Bye, Trudy


  1. I seem to have cracked knitting socks now - but really can't understand how to crochet at all. My Dad taught me when I was young, but it all seems a mystery now. However, (re)learning to crochet is on my list of things I would like to do this year - so we will see!

  2. Hi Trudy , hang on in there with the sock knitting and try not to be put off by little set backs .I too am on a learning journey with socks .I think I have knitted the cuff of this sock 3 times now ( a different mistakes each time ) but it's all good , I'm quite a stubborn mule and don't give up easily .I want to have my first pair of knitted socks ready to wear by Autum .Plus I've been buying a stash of sock wool in anticipation of becoming an accomplished sock knitter ( ha , I can live in hope !! )Enjoy the week ahead , kind regards Tracy .

  3. What a lovely looking shop, with the wooden cabinets!

  4. Don't give up Trud....you can do it, I know you can.
    T xx

  5. Oh dear poor you......but don't give up..i feel confident that you will just suddenly do it, and you will have a pair of lovely sockies to wear......oh and i have to say that shop looks amazing...the sort of little place that i could spend hours in just taking in all the loveliness.
    Hugs pixie x

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement!! I will, I will, I will conquer sock knitting ... I hope : -)

  7. Who would have thought such a tiny shop would generate such a lot of inspiration. Onabee is my guilty pleasure when I'm working at the Kensington office.Love it too.

  8. Lucky you, Midge being able to pop into Onabee when you're working in the neighbourhood.


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