04 June 2012

My Camera and I

Late last week, when there was a little window of opportunity and a whole lot of sun I jumped in the car and went in search of some solitude and photo-worthy scenery, so of course I headed south to Wilson's Promontory again, the southernmost point of Victoria.  In just over 30 minutes from our front door this is what I saw as I rounded a bend in the road of the National Park - a big, beautiful, breathtaking open space.

Tidal Overlook Walk appeared to be a relatively easy one.  The sign suggested it was a 20 minute walk of only one kilometre.  It looked quite easy and flat, and once I started walking I got lost in the sheer magic of my surroundings.  I didn't see a single person the entire time, and I was happy snapping away with my camera.  What I soon realised was that I was climbing up and up and more up!  And then even more.

I saw a very cute wallaby along the way and in my excitement to capture him (with my camera) I took a few fuzzy photos, but as he was quite prepared to stand still and look cute I calmed down and got my settings right.  And on I climbed.

These funny things, which for a strange reason reminded me of Ewoks from Star Wars were dotted throughout the bush.  When I saw them my imagination went running off on a very weird tangent and it got to the point that these bushy little plants were giving me the heebie-jeebies as I was imagining someone leaping out from one and scaring the pants off me, and there I was alone, no-one within coo-ee of me.  Sometimes it's best for me to put a lid on my imagination.  But come on, you can see what I mean ... can't you?!

At the top, after a fair amount of puffing and panting, and stopping under the pretext of taking another photo, the view made the entire walk worthwhile, because this is what I saw after ducking under another tree and winding my way around another rock.  Looking one way towards Squeaky Beach, and then the other towards Norman Bay.

And beautiful wildflowers everywhere.

Ahhhh, just what I needed.  I headed home rejuvenated, happy and with over 200 photos on the camera.  Sometimes it's nice to just sneak away and have some time with yourself.

Wishing you some quiet moments of reflection, without the scary looking plants.


  1. Wow, what a lovely walk and how lucky to have it so close to home! Beautiful pictures but I agree those things do see a bit strange and very good places for people to hide and spook! x

  2. Hi Trudy..the photos are......wonderful...impressive!!! The wallaby looks quite calm about it all probably more than you and yes I'd get the creeps too seeing those funny untidy shrubs....My mother's expression comes to mind looking at these shrubs when she would say "looks like you've been through a hedge backwards"...yep they need a good combing!
    Yes I've thoroughly enjoyed that walk ...thank you

    Amanda :-)

  3. It was well worth the climb up and up as the view is amazing, you are very lucky to have such beautiful countryside on your doorstep!

  4. Wow beautiful photos. I love the Australian colours. It always blows me away how many flowers there are in the bush if you look close enough. Thank you for sharing your walk.

  5. Thankyou for the lovely photos of the Prom. Haven't been down that way in many years. Used to visit Inverloch often when growing up and then later my parents retired there for about 10 years. Miss Sth. Gippy muchly. Sue, SW Vic.

    1. Hi Sue
      I can understand you missing South Gippsland, it certainly is a special pocket of Victoria.
      Hope the photos sparked some good memories for you.

  6. Great photos - I just love to see pictures from the other side of the world - beautiful views.
    Fleur xx

  7. hee hee - those plants were a bit creepy - love your imagination.

  8. Great photos, excellent photographer, and on a Nikon too!
    From an old admirer.


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