01 June 2012

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Yesterday was such a glorious blue-sky day to mark the last day of Autumn that I had to take myself, a cup of tea and a bit of stitching outside to get my required daily dose of Vitamin D.  See I was doing it for the good of my health!  Oops, how did that chocolate get there?

I had my gorgeous pooch by my side, well actually she was sitting in the violets, squashing them to be exact, but she gets away with it now as she's quite an old girl.

And this was the colour of the sky!!  Isn't it magnificent?

It was one of those absolutely gorgeous days where the sun warms your hair until it's almost too hot to touch!  And today?  The first day of Winter?  Absolutely gorgeous too!

I whisked hubby away from work and we had a bakery-bought lunch in our local park.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  I'm off to Melbourne to take a sock knitting class with my buddy.  Will tell you all about it later ...

Bye, Trudy


  1. hello Trudy

    I am your newest follower and I have just come over from Little Woollie to see you!
    There's lots for me to enjoy here on your blog as yet and I'll be popping back in to have a better look but meanwhile I love your old dog bless her she's beautiful....I've got a cat Willie Shakespeare and he's 18 years old now and feeling his age too. I am curious about your wrist & neck worms I've never heard that name for them before. They look pretty easy to make ...Im thinking Christmas pressies.

    I miss OZ been on two visits but want to return...I've family in Melbourne,Brisbane and NSW.
    Can I invite you over to my blog when you can and see what you think :-)


  2. Love your beautiful neck of the woods. I'm new to visit and I was captivated by your dog. I have a yellow lab too, Jack! He is younger but they all have that beautiful face and trusting eyes. Come visit me and see my Jack.
    Lovely to find you, xoRobin

  3. Me too...just found you through Little Woolie.

    It looks like your having a beautiful autumn/winter with those blue skies. Here in the UK we are keeping our fingers crossed for blue skies this weekend as we are celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee and have two bank holidays on Mon & Tues. Usually bank holidays in the UK end up RAINY!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend too and nice to meet you.
    Fleur xx

  4. What a lovely blog! I just popped in from Little Woolie and I'm a new follower!
    Simply Miss Luella

  5. Hello and welcome to my new followers, who have found me via Little Woollie!! Hope you enjoy Playing in the Attic!! Trudy


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