28 June 2012

Finished Project for June

The reason some of these unfinished projects of mine are sitting unfinished - this knitting project, for example, has sat practically since woman first put wool around a long stick and called it knitting - is that my interest wanes.  And what can one do with waning interest, you may ask?  Turn what was to be something into something a little different.  Turn what was going to take a lot more knitting hours into something which could be cast off immediately.

So here is this month's finished project which started out with huge potential.

This was going to be a Seriously Long Scarf.  See my knitting skills are sitting pretty low on the scale of knitting skills, none-the-less a brilliant idea later and scarf becomes neck worm.  And neck worm is very happy snuggling around neck of Girl 1.  Inside-out mind you, and with her giving us her best spy look.

The downside of cutting off a project mid-potential is that there is Wool Left-Over, and Girl 2 has shown interest in having a neck worm too.  Of course.

Hope you're all enjoying a little bit of sunshine today.


  1. Those colours look really great together.

    (Computer is telling me that I have spelled colour wrong. Hmmm ...)

  2. I really like your colour combination too.

  3. What a happy result, I'm sure there aren't many projects that you could cast off early with such a lovely result and it looks great on Girl 1 - perhaps after a break you'll feel motivated to go for another. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Hello from England! What a lovely blog, there is a lot of crafty-ness going on there. Your quilts are beautiful. xx Debbie


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