26 June 2012

Shinzi Katoh, Sukie and Others

Sometimes I think I'm trapped inside the mind of an eight year old girl.  I have a passion for stationery of the most innocent, naive, adorable kind.  So far I have been able to hide this passion in the guise of buying it for my two daughters, but even they are a wake-up to my antics now!!

One of my favourite illustrators is Japanese artist, Shinzi Katoh.  Apart from the stationery, I have a tea tray, beautifully illustrated, with the words "every Sunday a bee comes to our house";  makes me smile every time I see it.  Here is a little memo pad.

And on the inside.  How cute is this?  Makes list writing all the more fun.

Book plates, oh yes please.  Books of stickers depicting Paris, I think so!!

And see that little box on top, the one that says Detem pro zdravi (whatever that means?), want to see what's inside it?

Stickers, and lots of 'em.  Swoon!!  But wait, there is more,oh yes!  Sukie is another favourite and here is a box full of woodland critters stationery.  Sukie are a team based in England, and have a blog.  Do have a look at all their products.

And a Chinese-style stationery set which features radishes with legs.  What's not to like?

So there you have it ... my childlike stationery passion.  No longer hidden away, but out in the open.  Do you have any secret collections/passions that you want to share?  I'd love to hear about it!!

I'm off to write a letter.  I think a greeting from the Dumpling Dynasty might do the trick.


  1. Oh yes i like a bit of stationary,, especially note books...x

  2. Ok you got me with the wood land critters........just too cute.
    I'm off to visit their blog.

    Claire :}

  3. Oh joy - it's not just me then!!

    So glad to know that there are more secret stationery lovers out there - I blame my secret on a trip to Japan many moons ago where I spent far too much time looking at kawaii-cute things!

    I also 'buy' things for my daughter too - she also has that knowing look!

    Fleur xx


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