02 July 2012

On my Craft Table

The bell rang at 2.30 p.m. Friday and school is out for two weeks!  We're going into them with sneezles and wheezles which I'm hoping will be gone very, very soon so that we can start to play and relax.  We always make a long wish list of things we want to do on our holidays;  delightfully simple things like baking, crafting, picnics, staying in pyjamas all day, watching movies, playing board games.  The girls and I have already had a mini crafting session with shipping tags and washi tape, making bookmarks.  Aren't they fun?

Chris and I had the opportunity of an hour-long walk along the Great Southern Rail Trail near Meeniyan yesterday while the girls were busy singing and dancing at rehearsals for a local production.  We found some beautiful horses, who came over for a chat and some grass from the other side of the fence.

And wondered how much mail they received?  And who wrote to them?!

I'm also hoping I can nab a bit of time to work on a few things that are taking my attention at the moment.  Notice it's not one project, I'm actually all over the place with lots of different things!

Enjoy your day, the school holidays, the week, the month of July!


  1. Is that bunting you have as a project?...

    1. No, they are sides of teacups!! Will share more later ...

  2. Looks like a really ecletic mix of projects you've got in the pipeline.

  3. Love the tags and some great ideas for projects, will look forward to seeing which ones you try. Hope you have a great holiday we are having nothing but rain at the moment and this is our summer!


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