10 May 2012

MOO to you too

I love MOO.  Do you?  Not talking about cows here, although I do love the sound of a moo cow, but I'm talking about the UK printing company MOO.  And I love MOO!!  It all started a few years back when I ordered some small-sized name cards.  We were moving from the outskirts of Melbourne to the country and I thought it would be fun, and useful, but mainly fun, to have my own name cards!  I was able to upload 100 photos which meant that each card printed was different!  I chose photos from places visited, some family photos and also, as I was totally focused on paper art at the time, I uploaded examples of ATCs that I had made. They arrived in a very cute little box ...

Then a couple of years ago I made up a sticker book.  Again, uploading the photos of choice and ta-dah, easy-peasy you have yourself a very cute little book of stickers.

And now just very recently, in fact received in the letter box only last week, was my order of MOO postcards.  Oh!  they're fun!!  They feature a bit of recent photography (because since becoming a blogger I've taken a trillion more photos than I normally would have and I'm really enjoying it) and on the back you can have something of your choice printed.  I chose to have my name and blog address.

And the title of this post?  Well, I'm having a bit of a blog giveaway very, very soon, so I thought a couple of my postcards could find themselves bundled up with some other goodies, and therefore MOO to you too!!

Do you MOO?  'Cause if you do, I'll MOO with you too ... okay, enough, sign off now.

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