16 May 2012

50th Post Give-away

Yes, I've posted 50 times.  Who would have thought that I would have enough to babble on about, but it seems I do!!  Taking the lead from other bloggers, I thought I would have a bit of a giveaway to celebrate my 50 posts, and thank my loyal, little band of followers.

Here's a bit of a sneak peak at the goodies.

What's there, you ask?  What could I win?  Where do I enter?!!

The lucky name out of the hat, will receive two balls of Kaffe Fassett sock wool and the pattern to make them (it's that time of year really isn't it, to knit socks?)  The wool is made in Italy, designed by an American who has lived most of his life in England, purchased in Australia, and sent ... who knows where?!!  There is a little girl embroidery panel (she looks innocent enough but what is coming out of her mouth?!!) from the Aussie designer, Jodie Carleton of Vintage Ric Rac.  Check out her blog.  Also, a booklet of quilty stickers, a stash of red buttons.  And if you can't knit or stitch or sew on buttons, then you could file your nails with a spunky, little owl nail file or write a postcard with my little collection of moo postcards!!  Hopefully something in there will appeal.  Hopefully you'll want to enter the give-away!

It's so much fun winning a blog give-away, and then waiting for the little parcel to arrive in the mail.  I was very lucky recently winning a give-away from Maggie at Mag's Creative Meanderings.  Such a gorgeous package of goodies.  Do have a peek at Maggie's blog as she is a newbie, just like me.  Will I tease you with what Maggie sent me from England?  Yes, I will ...

So what do you do?  Leave a comment on my blog (please put your name so I know who you are) and I will put all the names in a hat and pick out a lucky winner!!  I am happy to post anywhere in the world or even up the road and across the park, so join in if you would like to and I will draw a winner on Sunday 27 May.



  1. Hi Trudy, I would love the enter the giveaway. I've never knitted socks so this would be a lovely way to start! Fingers crossed! xx


  2. Oh please let my name be the first one out of the hat....love love love Kaffe. Kaffe sock wool!!! OMG (yes wool and not yarn) and red buttons...red is my favourite colour. Not to mention, stitch and stick....my life would be complete. I will be waiting patiently by the mail box.

  3. Hey Trudy, it doesn't take long for 50 posts to come around does it! I'd love to go in your give away, those red buttons and all the other goodies are gorgeous! Looking forward to the next 50! Have a great day! julie :)

  4. Please enter me in the giveaway...

  5. I have just taught myself to knit socks and would be so pleased to have some Kaffe sock wool! I find sock knitting so addictive! I love the quilty stickers and your lovely post cards!
    ps I have just come across your blog and will be dropping in again!

  6. Hi
    Could you please enter me in the giveaway???!
    I love the prize.


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