06 May 2012

5 Things

Five things I love about these cold, autumn days.  Five things that make my skip lighter, my heart happier, my mood sunnier.

Frothy, hot chocolate with marshmallows in a big mug you can get your hands around so that you're warming your hands and enjoying the chocolatey liquid at the same time;  a double delight.

A different kind of light, streaming through the window.  A kind of light that is more appreciated than the light at other times of the year that we take for granted.  Not a bold light, but a very subtle, gentle light.

Layering up.  I love wearing scarves and woolly socks and extra jumpers and hats pulled down over my ears, love pulling out my cold-day clothes and preparing myself for the slap of cold that hits you when you step outside the door. 

Snuggling.  A bit of a favourite occupation, whether it be snuggling in bed, under a quilt or under a woolly blanket, snuggling while watching a movie, snuggling with little peeps reading a book together or snuggling while juggling a book and a mug of hot chocolate while keeping an eye on a movie.  Snuggling.  Hmmm.  Even the word makes me want to jump into the activity right now.

Watching the colours in the garden change and being bowled over by the beautiful reddish, orange leaves and wondering when it happened ... when I was asleep?

And of course, a favourite thing about these cold, autumn days is that they are very conducive to needlework and quilting and sewing and stitching and knitting etc. etc. with hot chocolate, with light streaming through the window, with stripey warm socks on and a bit of a snuggle thrown in.  Yes, crafting on cold days is delightful.

How about you?  What things do you love about cold, autumn days?

Enjoy your week.


  1. Oh....enjoy,, enjoy,,....enjoy it all......Autumn is my most favourite season, and i relish all of it......

    Happy winter crafting
    Pixie x

  2. A beautiful blog post, Trudy. I think you've captured the joy of autumn wonderfully.


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