30 May 2012

Finished Project for May

Time to tick another project off my list.  Yeah!!  This started off as a lesson in learning the art of making flowers with a crochet hook, and then deciding what to make with them.  For a brief moment it was going to be a blanket until I realised it would be years in the making and perhaps not the size of project I wanted to embark upon.

For a brief moment it was going to be a scarf, but I do like the idea of something just sitting there, behaving itself and not flapping about, so I stitched the two big flowers together and I'm calling this a neck warmer.  A Rose Neck Warmer, even though the flowers don't resemble roses at all!

This was purpose-bought wool and I remember having an idea in my head of the colours I wanted.  I was shopping with my friend and she was quite appalled at the colours I chose, but I was undeterred!!

I think there is a very fine line in wearable crochet between what is groovy and a bit different to what everyone else is wearing, and then downright daggy and embarrasing, and to be honest I'm not 100% sure which camp this Rose Neck Warmer falls into.  Perhaps I should wear it out in public and get some feedback?  I'll let you know ... !!

While we're chatting about keeping neck's warm, as we dive headlong into Winter, have you come across the very talented Sandra Juto?  She makes the most divine neck worms (yes, worms!!) and wrist warmers.  Her colours are gorgeous.  Love them.  Here are a couple of photos of Sandra's beautiful work.

Love these wrist worms!!  I think I may just have to make some for this coming Winter as wrist worms/warmers are one of my absolute favourite winter accessories!

Last Winter I was inspired by Sandra to make a neck worm, and I must say it has been mighty snuggly and warm to have around my neck.  I was home alone the day I wanted to photograph it, and it was very difficult without a neck in it, but I scoured the house for props in order to share with you and I think the fruit basket does the job nicely for being the right shape and having a head substitute!  What do you think?  Apart from the red and pale blue in the neck worm, the rest was one ball of wool, and from memory I think it was Noro.

Back to the Dear Jane Dolly Quilt, maybe for June's finished project?  Hmmm, we'll see!!
Bye for now, Trudy


  1. Love Love Love the Rose Neck Warmer. You will carry it off beautifully & should wear it proudly. I love all those fabulous neck doovers. I'm all for knitting more.....all different types, shapes and colours. Knitting rocks!!!!

    1. Shucks Trace,so you like it then?!!!


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