27 May 2012

And the Winner is ...

Hang on.  A bit more of a build up is in order I think.  A hat is needed and names and a hand to pick one out etc. etc.  There needs to be a photographer to record the moment and then, and only then should I say "and the Oscar goes to ..."

Hat found, names written out, papers folded, names swirled around and around.

And the winner is ...

Julie, from Little Woollie!!  Congratulations Julie.  Please send me an email with your snail mail address and I'll pop your goodies in the post to you tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Cheers, Trudy

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  1. Hi Trudy, Lucky me! Thank you so much for this give away, I never win anything so I feel so chuffed! Email is on it's way! Thanks again! Have a great day, Julie :)


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