17 May 2012

Blue Sky Day

We have had today the most brilliant of blue-sky days here in my little neck of the woods.  The most divine Autumn day you could wish for really.  And so in appreciation of such fine, joyful blueness and sunniness, I give you snippets from our garden.

You may notice as you scroll through these photos that there are no overall landscape shots, no garden beds, no manicured lawns, no swept pathways, no weeded flower beds ...

... and that the camera is mostly pointed skywards.  There is a reason for this, and it is that in life there are people who have green thumbs and there are people who do not.  I think we fall into the latter camp but aspire to be in the former!!

So close-ups of our Silver Birch tree and rusty ornamental birds are the order of the day.

Hope you've enjoyed a bit of blue today too.

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  1. It was a perfect day today, I love sunny winter days, just right for getting stuck into the garden! Jules:)

  2. ... and there is really nothing more beautiful than a silver birch, especially against that sky!


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