19 May 2012

Millers Landing, The Prom

This morning at 6 o'clock the heavens opened up, and down came the rain, so I snuggled further down under the covers safe in the knowledge that the planned hike at The Prom with our local Cub group would be cancelled and I could languish in bed a little longer.  And then the sun came out ...

We did a relatively easy walk of a couple of kilometres each way to accommodate long and short legs, and children with boundless energy and out-of-condition parents (some, not all ... I'm talking about me here!!) and went to Millers Landing on Corner Inlet.

On our track we saw kangaroos and emus, and big, old banksia trees.  And at the end of our track we came to the mangroves and learned that this is the most southerly population of mangroves in the world!

It turned out to be the most perfect weather for our walk, and we ended with lunch on the picnic table, before heading home, feeling completely virtuous!!

Methinks a day of feet up and crafting tomorrow is in order.  What about you?  What plans do you have for your Sunday?

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Bye, Trudy

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