25 May 2012

The Diamond Tiara

We started the week with a birthday!  After school, we had a little tea party with the special china cups, and meringues with lashings of cream.  We have a tradition amongst the girls in our family that on the day of your birthday you wear The Diamond Tiara .. and you're treated like a Princess!!

There has also been some swift calculating of days to work out whether or not my finished project would feature this month, and have decided to change direction and attempt to finish something completely different, because the Dear Jane dolly quilt is not quite ready for your viewing pleasure!!  Here's a sneak peak of what will be May's finished project.  Yes, it's woolly ...

... and it involves flowers.  More soon.

Apart from the woolly, flowery crochet this week, and the birthday celebrations and the sunny days and the freeeeezing cold ones, there has been some progress on the bullseye afghan.  The circles are turning into squares, but the only colour I'm using is grey, grey, grey so it's becoming a little less fun on this part of the journey of the blanket.  Mind you, it would be very handy to have this blanket finished right now, tonight, it's so cold here! 

And I'm working on the third square of my hand-stitched quilt (still unnamed, so still Project X).  I am loving the colours in this square, especially that aqua and yellow rose fabric.

If anyone would like to join in my give-away just scroll down to my post of 16 May as I will be pulling a name out of a hat on Sunday, or who knows, I may just pull out a rabbit!!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. What a lovely tradition - how great would it be to wear a tiara to work on your birthday. The crochet and quilt are lovely and very much looking forward to seeing what the flowers are going to become! It's absolutely lovely and warm here! Lucky us.

    1. Oh yes, tiara's to work, definitely!!

  2. I keep my tiara on my desk and wear it whenever I need to!


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