17 April 2012

In the words of Miss Peg

Hello Peeps!  I've just flown over from the south east coast of England to live with my new friends here in Australia.  Truth be known I was given away (and Ms Playing in the Attic was very happy to have won me in the Crafte Nook giveaway!) but still my feelings were a little crushed when I realised I was leaving town, even though it was getting awfully cramped in that little fisherman's cottage of Pixies.

Pixie has a fabulous blog, do go and have a peek, and an Etsy store too where she sells gorgeous handmade dolls and flipperty flopperty flower brooches.  I'm allowed to pop on the computer here and look at Pixie's blog whenever I get a little homesick, but at the moment it's brilliant blue sky days here and lots of new adventures to have!!


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  1. My dear miss Peg, how glad i am that you have made it safe and sound to the land down under, and i know you will have just the most splendid time there, you look quite at home in your new surroundings...keep in touch and let me know of your adventures........and try to be a good house guest at all times..

    All the best Pixie x x x


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