23 April 2012

Dear Jane Quilt

Choosing next month's project to finish has been a bit tricky as I'm running out of those that were almost complete and just needed a couple of hours left to work on.  Already I'm looking at a couple of things thinking "Gosh, can I complete that before the end of May?"

But the one that I have decided will get all my attention over the next few weeks, and will hopefully be completed and signed off, will be my Dear Jane [dolly-sized] quilt.  I learned an invaluable lesson a number of years ago that life is too short to waste reading a dull book.  I would persevere with it, hoping against hope that it would become something it never did, so now I put the book aside and choose again, and so to quilts ... 

I had such good intentions of making this stunning quilt when I started it in 2008.  It was made by Jane Stickle in 1863 and consists of 169 blocks plus the intricate border of triangles.  It is a mammoth task to say the least!!

When I reached 11 completed blocks I felt that I had bitten off more than I was keen to chew and so it has sat, neglected for all this time, and when I look at it I feel that I have failed.  So rather than perservering with a project that has sadly lost my interest I have decided to turn those 11 lovely, but lonely blocks into a dolly sized quilt.  Brilliant decision!!

For my little Dear Jane dolly sized quilt I will need a total of 16 blocks.  Feels better already.  Not 158 blocks to complete, but only 5.  This is achievable!!  Of those five blocks I have already started two of them, chosen the remaining three from the book, by Brenda Papadakis, and chosen the fabrics, so really this is almost done!!

I'm already picturing a lovely tatty, old, little suitcase filled with dolly quilts.
What do you do with projects that have lost your interest?

Have a fabulous day,


  1. I have some Dear Jane blocks too! It is oh so pretty. But I do agree - a dolly quilt is just the perfect idea as is the tatty old suitcase. What to do with uninspired unfinished projects - stuff them into the sewing shed to percolate - I cannot discard anything in less than 5 years and you never know - I might like it again by then. If not, off to the Salvos.

  2. Its gonna look stunning when you have finished it, cant wait to see the end result.
    Pixie x

  3. If I get bored with something, I either salvage the parts or ditch it at the thrift store. Or finish it anyway and then give it to somebody who cares...

    Whoa, I want a suitcase full of doll quilts, too! Lovely. :)


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