16 April 2012


At the very end of our street, up a steep, steep hill that has you puffing and panting at the top, is a lovely nature reserve which is well deserving of a good explore on a sunny, autumn day at the end of the school holidays.

Moments into our walk we discovered a native resident across our path.  We literally stopped in our tracks and held our breaths until further investigation when we noticed our friend had legs ... not a snakey-snakey, phew.

On we trekked through the bush, sometimes staying on the tracks, sometimes going deep into the bush climbing over fallen trees or under scrub, this was not a relaxing, easy walk, this was a serious bush expedition.  We found lots of red mushrooms, a new water hole we'd never come across before and beautiful bottle brush.

Now it's ready, steady, go back to all the routines that a school term brings.

Hope you've had a lovely holiday, break, weekend!
See you soon,


  1. Lovely photos, especially liked the toadstool - very different to the spring flowers and lambs here!

    1. Thanks Mags, yes lovely autumn colour and lizards soaking up the sun!!


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