14 April 2012

Finished Project for April

There was a little sneak peak a while back of this project.  And now I can say it's finished!   The pattern for this woollen pincushion came from The Quilted Crow in Hobart, Tasmania, titled "Little House on the Prairie", but I gave it a bit of a tweak when I started as I'd just attended a Sue Spargo workshop and was enjoying her style and colours, so it's more like "Villa Amongst the Fruit Trees".  Original pattern below.
This is quite a large pincushion, almost 8" across, so not one to travel around with you, but perhaps best sitting beside you on the couch as you stitch.

There was a moment when Girl 1 thought it would be fun to take it outside for a bit of a kick around the backyard, as she said it looks somewhat like a footy, but that was not going to happen, not on my watch!!

Loved working with these colours, and the wool fabric.  Have you worked with wool?
Enjoy your day.


  1. Wow.. what did you fill it with....

    1. I filled it with a poly toy-fill, but it would have been good to give it a bit of weight and use something like shell grit or crushed walnuts as well as the toy-fill.

  2. Lovely project Trudy, and as you say a substanial pin cushion which should rescue those which keep ending up on the floor!! I like the way the colours work with the cushion colour! Maggie x

    1. Thanks Mags!! Yes the colours do work with the cushion, don't they? Walked the house looking for the right spot to photograph the pin cushion!!


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