09 April 2012

Country Mice

The girls and I had a couple of days in Melbourne last week.  We Country Mice need to play at being City Mice every so often.  We went to see the Giant Theremin along the Yarra River.  If you are like me and have no idea of what I'm talking about, a Giant Theremin is a musical instrument controlled by movement.  For two young girls it was near-impossible to resist dancing, twirling, jumping and running past it to activate the movement symphony.  I liked it just because of it's gorgeous, rusty colour.

Sticky Institute is a favourite place of mine located in the Degraves Subway, also known as the Campbell Arcade, under Flinders Street.  Lined in pale pink 1950's tiles and iron signs, the Degraves Subway is now home to fringe artists and a jumbled collection of small businesses.  I love to walk down the stairs entering a world so different from the bustle of the train commuters up on Flinders Street Station.  Nothing seems to have changed in the last sixty years.

Back to the Sticky Institue, this is an artist-run initiative promoting the creation of handmade publications, or zines.  You can sit in the store to make your zine if you wish, there are old typewriters for use, or browse the hundreds of zines for purchase hanging in the window and on shelves along the walls. 

There was snacking in groovy cafes, hanging out in Smiggle for what seemed like forever, seeing the kids movie "Mirror Mirror", wandering through bookstores and climbing over all the pieces of sculpture dotted around the City, oh and noticing the reflection of St. Pauls Cathedral in a building along Swanston Street.

Apart from the disastrous moment when I realised my car keys weren't in my handbag when we were laden down with luggage at the car and ready to leave, it was a fabulous couple of days.

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday break.
And yes I found the keys, they had fallen into my crochet bag which was in the suitcase ...?!

Cheers, Trudy


  1. What timing you had to catch a reflection of the cathedral in the building opposite, great photo.
    A lady once told me don't be scared of getting a building or something opposite in a reflection off glass, because that can tell you a story of the area in years to come. It can sometimes help date a photo. Very wise words....

  2. Love the musical instrument - great shape and colour anda love the pyramid against the vertical fence behind. My first view of Melbourne too.

  3. Were abouts in Melbourne along the Yarra are the Giant Theremin...

    1. The Giant Theremin is just near the footbridge from Southbank across to the City side, but I think it will be moving at the end of these school holidays. Trudy


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