06 April 2012

Bunny Decorating

It's that time of year when the shiny, orange box comes down from the high cupboard and the bunnies get woken from their slumber and hop out to help decorate the house.

A particular favourite of mine is the little miss knitting herself a scarf.  Isn't she adorable?  Of course all she wants to do is to knit and knit and knit, and I know how she feels because sometimes I'm exactly the same.  I think I have that same look of concentration on my face too!  No dropped stitches allowed.

This cheeky mister has 'mischevious' written all over him, but thinks he'll get away with anything because he's sporting such a jaunty, divine hat, but I'm not fooled and if anything at all untoward happens in this house over the next couple of weeks I'll be looking his way to see how he charms his way out of it.

The girls and I went for a walk into the bush to find a branch that we could decorate.  This has become an annual Easter tradition.  We scour the bush for the perfect branch, which can see us with some pretty silly suggestions, home to paint it (this involves painting the branch, our hands, face, clothes, yes hair sometimes too ... getting the idea?) then we put all the decorations on the "tree".  This year Girl 1 wanted her own, separate tree and has come up with quite an individual idea using chickens practising their acrobatic skills and chocolate eggs tied on with rubber bands!!

The other tree, the main tree, the grown-up equivalent of the chicken tree is looking far more refined, but maybe a little less playful in another room.

Another wonderful Easter tradition in our house is the annual gifting of a beautiful hand-painted, wooden Easter egg from my hubby to me.  Lucky me!!  Each one is quite different, in size and pattern and colour.  This will be our fifteenth Easter together.  And I know there is a new egg waiting for me because hubby isn't very good at keeping secrets (and the bag with the egg in it is on his desk, but I haven't peeked, honest, I've been very good!!)

Wishing you all a wonderful tradition-filled Easter, complete with guilt-free chocolate.

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  1. What a lovely tradition you have.... I hope you really haven't peeked...


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