11 August 2012

An Added Border

Don't get too excited when I say "border";  it's simply one row, but I like it.  I think it's enough, and besides I'm now over this and want to be doing something else.  Thank you for leaving me your thoughts about what you would do.  I'm really glad most of you said to add the border, because I'm glad I did, but if you tell me it needs a wider border I'm gonna run screaming with my hands over my ears because there is going to be no more crochet done on this baby!!

Enough rambling, here's a couple of photos.  Lovely, snuggly crochet blanket with fine red border!!

Wishing you a happy Sunday.


  1. As if I'd dare...
    But seriously, that border finishes it off perfectly!

  2. My dear Trudy

    YES....very much YESSSSS

    perfect colour!

    A xx

  3. It looks great trudy,,and i think that amount of border is just right...xx

  4. I love the red - perfect finishing touch to the blanket!

  5. Definitely the perfect finishing touch! Ada :)

  6. This is just so beautiful and I LOVE the red!

  7. Wow. You would never really think that a small amount would do, but it is just perfect. Plus the red is so you....

  8. It's absolutely divine! I just love it! And the red is perfect - red is my favourite colour and looks so marvellous with grey. You've done a beautiful job choosing all the colours - hope it's snuggling you right now on this cold drizzly morning. btb, I love looking at the photo of the rolling green hills in your blog header - this is my favourite view in Victoria - it makes me think a giant was sitting down beside the beach and made lots and lots of sandcastles that were then covered in lush grass. So so pretty!

  9. Hi Trudy

    I think the simple red border is absolutly perfect.

  10. It is perfect (and I'm not just saying that!). It's just what the blanket needed, something to lift the blue without detracting from the beautiful colours and design. Good colour choice, and I don't think you need to add another row.

    By the way, I love the wallpaper behind the chair in the first photo - is it Orla Kiely? xx

    1. Yes, Gillian, it is Orla Kiely wallpaper, I love it!!!

  11. It's gorgeous, and perfectly balanced. No more crochet needed, not at all! And choice of red was inspired. Go you!

  12. Absolutely great x finishes it off perfectly

  13. Hey trudy, your blanket looks wonderful........great effort. and the border finishes it off perfectly.

    I am still working on a granny square blanket that I started 12 months ago!!
    Thanks for visiting and lovely to 'meet' you....

    Claire :}

  14. I like it very much, the border looks perfect.

  15. You're the best. Thank you for all your gorgeous comments!!


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