02 April 2012

Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin is a British printmaker who works in linocut, wood engraving, lithography and screen printing, and she is inspiring the next corner of my dolly quilt.  She has a fabulous book entitled "Plants and Places", which is lovely to look through as it is filled with gorgeous eye-candy.

Love her use of colour, and bold dramatic designs.
And here is my Angie Lewin-inspired applique square, simply stitched without too much regard for perfect lines ... I could almost say it was the look I was after!!

Really enjoying the designing aspect of this mini quilt, and watching it emerge.  Tweaking bits as I go along, still working on other parts of it that I don't feel are working yet, and enjoying the colour choices.

Two weeks of school holidays spread blissfully ahead so hopefully I'll have a chance to do some stitching on this project. Today though I had other priorities with the painting of small fingernails, snuggling up on the couch reading out loud the brilliant "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick and attempting, without any success at all, hand-stands against the fence ... big sigh ...

Enjoy the hols!

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  1. Hey Trudy, I love Angie Lewin's work too, there is something about it that makes you want to see more, and have a go at drawing so boldly! Your quilt is looking fantastic! enjoy the hols! Julie:)


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