20 January 2012

Rockpooling at Berrys

Had a terrific time rockpooling at Berrys Beach on the south side of Phillip Island, a 90 minute drive from our town.  We were lucky to have spotted a wallaby up in the sand dunes keeping an eye on our antics down on the beach, but also a fabulous crab, and look at the colour of that starfish!

The day was slightly overcast and the stroll along the beach, with the girls skipping in and out of the water, and my friend and I chatting about the year ahead, was blissful.

Can anyone help me with a technical problem?  Being such a new kid on the block, I'm having terrible trouble trying to add different bits and bobs to my sidebar.  I think it could be a problem with blogger as I've looked at youtube tutorials, and read lots of technical blogs and really, truly think I'm doing the right thing when I go to my layout, click on add a gadget and then don't get the option of a list of links.  Would a generous person reading my blog attempt to do this on their blogspot just to see if it works?  Pretty please?  Before I go quite demented!!

Thank you


  1. The beach looks lovely - very jealous!!

    My blogger is working fine - went on design and add a gadget and the list came up all ok - it opens up in a new window, I would check to make sure that you haven't got a pop-up blocker on that is stopping the new window opening! Hope that helps!

  2. I'm afraid I'm with typepad, so I don't know a thing about blogger, I'm sorry I can't help.
    Rockpooling! Such a wonderful thing peering into rock pools and marvelling, pure escapism in a pure form! Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Thank you for your comments. It was a bigger technical problem than I first thought and had to take my computer to the computer doctor, but all going well now!


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