17 January 2012

Dancing my socks off

On our way to Daylesford last week we had a lunch stop in Ballan.  It was blowing a gale, and there we were huddled (mid-Summer?) on a bench seat outside the bakery catching each other’s flyaway pastry with every bite!!  But I was very happy and content as I had spied a fabric store, Mill Rose, on the way in and given the promise of a visit on the way out, and it was a gorgeous fabric store worthy of a detour and a Good Long Browse.

Made a very small purchase, one fat quarter of beautiful fabric with just the right project in mind, packaged up a la handbag-style, nice touch.

There was a dazzling collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which has given me just the kick start I need to start sewing my “I See Red” quilt.  A little while back, [without any real reference to date/time – did you notice?] I cut 144 squares 4.5” in size, and started on the 576 squares needed 1.5” in size.  And there they sat, until now.

This pattern is from Kaffe's book "Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts".  I've adapted the pattern by changing the size and quantity of the squares.  You simply sew a small square diagonally across each corner of each large square, trim the excess fabric from the back and gently iron open.  When all the squares are sewn together you get the impression you're looking at a hexagon quilt.

Bit hard to tell yet, but if you screw up your eyes you can begin to see how the darker corners will help to create the larger hexagon shape.  Hmmm, maybe I need to sew more than 4 squares before this hexagon shape is clear.

My buddy and I had the joy of attending a lecture by Kaffe Fassett last year and he was amazingly inspirational and vibrant and fascinating!!  I had taken a book with me as he was doing a signing, and when it was my turn to say hello I completely allowed my goofy side to come out as I said "I'm so inspired by your lecture, I'm dancing my socks off"!!

Hope you find the inspiration you need to want to dance your socks off.


  1. Your funny! (as in ha ha). A few years back I was searching the net for paintings and came across Kaffe Fassett's site where I discovered his most amazing paintings and crosstitch too.
    Denise :)

  2. Argh!!!!! Kaffe. Beautiful fabric. There's a project for ya Trud....Knit some Kaffe sox. hehehehe.


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