24 January 2012

Crochet in the Park

This is a blanket I was inspired to crochet, as many others did, after seeing the fabulous children's movie 'Nanny McPhee' ("small c, big P").  Absolutely adore the room all the children sleep in, with their rumble tumble quilts and rugs on each bed.

Mine consists of 100 squares and varies slightly from the Nanny Granny as I added an extra row of crochet.

I'm having so much fun with Photoshop, but I guess a clearer picture is what is needed here!!

We will be well prepared when Winter comes.  In the meantime, as the Summer holidays continue, and we have lazy starts to the day, the girls are both working on little stitching projects to be made into lavendar bags or possibly to put into a quilt they are making together (and yes, okay, I had to make one too!)  The patterns are a cute design by Sublime Stitching, with six different designs in the kit, and easy iron-on patterns.  Take a look.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Photoshop is addictive! I have started a crochet banket - I am only 3 squares in, a long way off a full blanket yet (knowing my staying power with long projects it will probably end up being a doll sized blanket!) Your one looks amazing!!

  2. Please show your gorgeous girls projects when they have finished them. The designs are so cute.


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