31 January 2012

Picnickers at the Bird Hide

We love a good picnic in our family!  It's all about getting out the special set of colourful mugs that only get used at picnic-time, the Bessemer plates circa 1960s, the picnic basket, the ever-so-indulgent picnic food that gets packaged up into multitudes of different sized plastic boxes, and then the big one ... deciding where to go.

One of our favourite places is a short drive away from us, at a secluded bird hide.  It is a beautiful, remote little wooden hut overlooking Corner Inlet.

Inside the hut, we open the little windows, get out the binoculars and look for birdlife.  Such an adventure for two young explorers!  We see graceful black swans and lots of seagulls.

Hope you have a special picnic place you love to visit.


  1. I love a picnic.....such a romantic thing to do, no matter who attends. I never seem to get myself organised to do it. I think I need a gorgeous picnic basket. It's on the list.

  2. Ooooh your picnic ware is lovely - we have some old melamine plates in our picnic basket too - with the really 60s yellow, brown and olive green kitchenalia on them. And your picnic spot is magic - we really love in a beautiful state don't we.

  3. I just found three Bessemer plates and now in love, your picnic set is gorgeous, so bright and colourful ♥


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