24 December 2011

Starting something new

One of my absolute favourite things to do is to start a new craft project.  Note the emphasis on start!  Truth be known, I also get an enormous sense of satisfaction, relief and enjoyment from finishing a project, but by far the fun is in the starting.

I came across Brittany Tyler's fabulous Bullseye Afghan on Ravelry a little while ago, downloaded the free pattern and tucked it away somewhere safe.  Only yesterday I discovered a gorgeous blog called Foxs Lane by Kate, who has also made this project, and I needed no more encouragement to grab my little wool stash and begin!!

As I started to put colours together Girl 2 appeared at my side and asked what I was doing.  I explain, I show her the pictures, the wool I plan to use for the first bullseye, all excitement bubbling from me when, cut to the quick, she reminds me of all the projects I haven't finished ... my scarf, the flower rug, the quilts (don't even start on the quilts!!)  But totally undeterred I begin ...

And it is so much fun!  I'm loving how the colours are looking quite snazzy together!  I don't have enough of one colour to make into the square shape, but I'll just keep going with the circles for now and keep using up all the colours I have before choosing the main background colour.

Wishing you a relaxed and happy Christmas day, and hope you have the chance to start something new very very soon.


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  1. How sweet your blog is!!! I too was catching up with Kates blog last night and thinking a bulleseye blanket should definitely be in my future.
    I read through to your first post, oh that quilt is too gorgeous for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely. Looking forward to your journey into Blogland :o)


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