20 December 2011

Eyes Rolled

Out driving last weekend with my two girls, on a brilliant blue-sky day, I asked them if they minded if I stopped to take a couple of photos.  Girl 1 looked up from her book, looked out each window and asked “Photograph what”?  Now there are a few things in the Australian landscape that I find very hard to drive past without admiring, appreciating and generally wishing I had my camera with me.  A rusty dilapidated shed gets me every time, rows of eclectic letterboxes, yes definitely worthy of a long look and … hay bales.  I looked at my eldest daughter and there it was, the rolling of the eyes and the look that said “my mother is loopy”. While Girl 1 went back to her book, Girl 2 and I scooted out of the car, hoping there were no snakes in the long grass, and happily we photographed the hay bales!

When we arrived home I had terrific fun playing with some of the photos on Photoshop and called Girl 1 in to look at my efforts with the hay bales.  Ah bliss, I received a “Cool”, not a “Coooooool” mind you, but definitely an appreciative nod to what her loopy mother had set out to achieve.

I hope your cool moments are being outweighed by your loopy ones in these slippery slide days to Christmas.


  1. That really is coool. Love peeking at the site,
    Love Kez

  2. the 2nd pic look like something out of Wizard of Oz


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