28 December 2011

All about buttons

Finding inspiration from the covers of Mollie Makes magazine, I give you buttons!

I adore buttons.  Most of them I keep in gorgeous little jam jars and, even though I hardly know you yet, I will let you in on a little secret ... each collection of buttons has been named, by me.  Feel free to shake your head at this point and mutter things like "strange girl" ...

For example, there is my Cath Kidston collection.  A fabulous tonic on a grey day to spill these over my lap and marvel at all the luscious colours. Want to take a closer look?

 Then there is a jar of Fancy Nancy buttons!

My Depression Era collection - love those teals!!

My Day at the Races buttons, think Audrey Hepburn in that scene of My Fair Lady!!

And finally (thanks for bearing with me!!) I have a little spotty Cath Kidston tin for those hard to categorise, or extra special buttons that I treasure, like the handmade ceramic cottage from Tassie, and the 1950s bunnies or that dear little creamy one with the pink centre which is a current favourite!!

It's the little things that delight.
Do you have any buttony-goodness to share?


  1. Hi Trudy, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so now i have found your lovely spot! I love all your buttons, i have a button jar too, it is all my favourite buttons all together, maybe I should divide them into nice groups too....hmmmm, something to do on the holidays I think.
    Love that bullseye pattern too, I have a circle in the square blanket on the to do list for this year, must get it started!
    Regarding the photo mosaics, I found a site called 'Mosaic Maker' (sorry, don't know how to link it in comments) where you can make up mosaics of photos and then download them to your computer. I took my photos straight from my Flickr account and it was very easy. Hope this helps!
    Ps I'm going to follow your lovely blog and see what other crafty things you get up to! Cheers Julie :)

  2. Hi Trudy, I love the button naming! They look so good in the jars! I love it when I can see all my craft bits displayed nicely, only problem is I find it very difficult to then use them!! I too have many unfinished projects! Faye

  3. I love all your buttons. I wish I had that many but, I only ahave a tiny tin of them.

  4. Very familiar sight! There's many a bonne maison jar filled with buttons jere in Bootville too! That's why we eat so much jam :-)


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