18 August 2013

List of Random Things

Hello Peeps.  It's been a while, sorry 'bout that.  Definitely time for a bit of a catch up.  I thought a list could be fun!  Who can resist a good list?  I love them.  This one can be found at Meet Me At Mikes blog, if you'd like to make your own.

A room for a gypsy party which required pulling bits and pieces from all over the house, but delighting in the squeal of a gaggle of gypsies as they went inside.

Hmmm, tricky ... does popping a crumpet in the toaster count for cooking?

Chai Latte in a new Kookaburra mug, given to me by my sweetheart to celebrate our meeting sixteen years ago.

Just finished "After You'd Gone" by Maggie O'Farrell which was so terrific-a-read that I want to find another book by her, although "Wuthering Heights" is also calling.  How could I have missed this one over the years?  Recently found a lovely copy, illustrated by Ruben Toledo.

The sky to be blue rather than fifty shades of grey.  Okay, I know it's Winter but this wind, rain, sleet is Just Too Much!

At the mess that is our family room and wondering if we'll ever finish renovating this house.

Squash ... on the couch on a Friday night, our movie night.  One couch facing the telly and four bottoms jostling for space. It's kinda fun until limbs go numb.

Time.  Deliberating, thinking, changing my mind, rather than just doing. Reminds me of a Nike ad ... Just Do It.

Hand sewing a quilt dedicated to all the women in my family history, and loving the gentle art of making it stitch by slow stitch throughout this Winter.

I was slim enough and daring enough and young and gorgeous enough to wear a crochet skirt and look this good in it!!  See it there, just peeking out from below the shirt?

The new range of macarons in our store and needing to try all the different flavours so that I can recommend them to others!! The raspberry is a current favourite, with the chocolate one very close behind.

For the electrician and the carpet layer to arrive to finish off my girl's room, then it's full steam ahead to set her up in her very own teenager room.  Just think "green"!!

The bright green wall in my daughter's room even though I didn't think I would.

If a new puppy will make it a bit better.  If a new puppy will fill the hole in our hearts this gorgeous girl has left us all with.  So much a part of our lives for fourteen happy tail waggy years.

Now having two consecutive days off in my working week, Friday followed by Saturday. Two days, what bliss!!  Yippee!
That hanging some festive Union Jack bunting in the hallway will spur us on to make the rest of our home cheery and bright.

At the joy of children.  Of their love of celebration and dance.  Of being surrounded by friends and living in the moment.  We can learn so much from children.

A date night with my man.  A day off painting a room together does not count for quality time together.

The daphne as I come through the gate.  Beautiful, beautiful perfume.  So sweet.

New black suede, lace up ankle boots which have been on my wish list for at least two Winters.  I think of my great grandmothers every time I pull them on and draw them tight.

The lives, loves and losses of my favourite characters on my favourite show "Offspring" as another series comes to an end. Did I cry?  Of course I did.

That any day now our blossom tree will ... well, blossom!

I'll never have enough time to read all the magazines I'm bringing home from the newsagent, but not being able to resist anyway, and looking at the growing piles in my room and thinking I'm basically not very bright to keep doing it.

About a holiday later in the year.  Planning, dreaming, learning new phrases, saving hard and wishing it was sooner rather than later.

Recipes!!  Who would have thought?  But yes, I bookmark recipes to make "one day". That day may not come soon, but I'll be ready with my supply of recipes (and my spatula)!

Bills, wishing they were letters.  If anyone would like to drop me a happy note in the mail that would be lovely (P.O. Box 129 Foster, 3960, Victoria, Australia)!!!!

I'm not a giggler.  I laugh.  And sometimes I laugh until I slap my hand on my thigh, but I don't think I've giggled since I was six.

Slightly overwhelmed by everything I do and everything I don't do, and wondering if I'll ever be able to simply relax and go with the flow.

Thanks for popping in to see me.  I'll be back on track catching up with you all soon.
Bye for now, Trudy


  1. Some list there! I think another dog would be a great idea, do you have dog rescue homes? Give an unwanted dog a new home and lots of love too! :) x

  2. Hi Trudy - you are so right when you say children just know how to feel joy. My little son finds fun and joy in the most mundane things and yet I can be somewhere wonderful and feel all stressed and worked up. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful dog; we lost ours last August (he was 13 1/2). There is such a huge hole left behind. We have a new puppy now and when I get sad about Monty I find snuggling up to the new little one very comforting. They are so full of love aren't they. Lily. xxx

  3. I love this list. It's such a great way of catching up and getting a real sense of you, the person behind the blog. Is that a real address of did u make it up for fun. If it is real ill certainly be considering sending you something to cheer u up.
    I think everybody worries about things getting on top of them but things will sort themselves out and you'll be fine.
    Rosie xx

    1. Yes, it's a real address!! Any cheery notes gratefully accepted : -)

  4. lovely to catch up Trudy, that last picture is great, just sums it up really!! love the gypsy party too X

  5. Lovely to see you back Trudy, and with a good new post too....hugs x

  6. I loved reading your list, what a perfect kind of catch-up post :)

  7. Oh Trudy - popped onto your blog to see what you've been up to, now feeling sad about Aggy. I'm so sorry. She was a lovely dog and it won't be the same visiting your place without her there, happy and content on the back porch. She had a long and happy doggy life with you and your gorgeous family. Sending you lots of love and hugs. xx Caroline


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