22 September 2013

A Bunch of Daffs

Don't you just love a bunch of Daffs?  They are such happy, happy, sunny flowers.  They make you want to throw open the windows and let the sun stream in.

They make you want to lay on the soft grass looking up at the sky and look for animals and palaces in the clouds.  Or pack a picnic and find the perfect shady tree to sit under. Heck, they even make you want to read poetry out loud.

They definitely make you want to throw off your cardy and get some sun on your shoulders.  And pack your boots away and get your sandals out of the far corner of the cupboard.  Time for painting toe nails!

Daffodils are such a symbol of nice days ahead, filled with salads and strawberries, the beach and barbecues.  They say "Winter is finished with for this year".  Yeah!!!  We made it through another cold, grey Winter and here we are on the outskirts of Summer.

Daffodils are simply bloomin' marvellous, don't you think?

Bye, Trudy


  1. There is always spring ... somewhere! :-)

  2. They do all those things - we've got to wait another six months for ours so it's great to see them doing their magic elsewhere! Jane x

  3. Hey there Trude', oh what a relief for you now to have warmer weather on your doorstep, here in old blighty Autumn is in full swing (my favourite time of year, it comes of being a bit partial to a cardy or two), but anyway, HOORAY to painted toe nails and lighter clothing......hugs to you dear bloggy friend from across the ocean....xx

  4. they really make your spirits soar don't they! glad you've made it through the winter, enjoy your springtime, Heather x

  5. My goodness Trudy, you have well and truly come under their spell........you've got me wanting for warmer days and sandal weather and I LOVE Winter !!
    I love Daffodils and I had quite a variety bloom this year and they are just gorgeous.
    Spring is such a lovely time of year, enjoy it.

    Claire x

  6. They are beautiful...although we are thrown back into the grips of Winter here....bring on Spring xx

  7. I think daffodils are the most waited for and appreciated flower, after a long winter I just love to see their happy little faces! :) x


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