25 March 2013


Hello folks.
Seems like I never get a chance to pop in and say hello.  So pop in and say hello is exactly what I'm doing right now.  But please don't get too excited because I have nothing to share with you particularly.  No craft projects, no news, no secrets or surprises, because it's been all work and no play around here for quite some time now.  I did try to crochet, honest I did, I picked up my Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket and I just couldn't remember how to do the stitches.  Oh dear, I need time to concentrate with a clear and awake mind ... not present at the moment.

What I can share with you are some beautiful images of artwork from the wonderfully talented Barbie Kjar, a Tasmanian artist.  I first saw Barbie's work about 12 years ago at an exhibition in Melbourne and fell in love with the drama of it.  Sadly her work is not in my price range, so no Kjar originals hanging on the walls here!

I'm trying to feel a little bit Easter-ish, but this "all work and no play" situation makes everything seem just that much harder.  Normally we traipse off into the bush to find the perfect tree branch to paint and decorate, but that hasn't happened and I know it won't happen, so with my crochet bunting of the teeny tiny flowers and some miscellaneous rabbits scattered through the house that's as much decorating as I can summons up this year.  Mind you in saying all that, the display in the shop is looking rather lovely with spotty and stripey egg cups, Easter baskets, stickers and activity books.  What about you?  Are you ready for Easter?

At the risk of navel gazing (because I have no news and I'm tired and the little creative munchkin inside my head is sound asleep already) I have to share with you that I love red shoes!!  There.  An insight into the Life Of.  Love these red shoes.  They make me want to put a party frock on (yes definitely a frock, not just a dress), step into some red shoes and take me on an outing!  And while we're on the subject of red shoes, and I'm in this sharing, open state of mind, I will tell you that I have always had a pair of red shoes in my wardrobe, for at least the last 30 years!  When one pair is old and worn, another pair is quickly purchased to replace them.  Seems I must own red shoes!!  Do you have a special something that you always have to have in your wardrobe?

Wishing you a fabulously, relaxing choc-filled Easter.  Promise I will be back soon with something crafty to share with you, yes I will.



  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, hopefully you will have a day of rest?... How is your daughter going with her fund raising for charity, has she had her hair cut off yet?...

    1. She has done brilliantly, almost doubling her goal, currently at $1,700!!! The school delayed the shave day, so she still has long, beautiful hair until TOMORROW!!!

  2. yes..i have a red shoe 'thing' too...i love the artworks, partucularly the one with the mirror.


  3. Doesn't EVERYONE love red shoes?
    Hope you have a restful Easter break
    Angie x

  4. I always have to have some lime green in there, it's my colour, even in winter! Love it! :) x

  5. Love that sketch of the red shoes, it's beautiful. I always have something blue and white striped in my wardrobe, always. x

  6. Hello Trudy! I love the artwork, it feels faintly Japanese, with the dark ink like colour and style, really nice. I like the red shoes too. Have you read Women who run with the wolves? The red shoes are your wild feminine instinct! love that. I imagine those ones to be made from a beautiful satin material. Good to hear from you, don't work too hard, hope to see you playing soon, Heather x

  7. I have a little bit of a red shoe thing too. But my only current pair are a complete disgrace. You can see them at their very worse in http://ginxcraft.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/dream-and-reality.html That was last year and they are still going. They are falling apart, but so comfy that I love them. Love all your other pictures too.

  8. Hey Trudy, hope the creative munchkin wakes up soon and you have time to 'play'.........
    Love the artwork, just gorgeous an yes I'm a red shoe fan too.......although it's only been in the last ten years
    or so that I found out how much I love them.
    What do I have to have in my wardrobe? Ummmm........nothing in particular, but come Winter I love wearing wrist warmers and my red leather gloves!!
    Enjoy Easter......Cx

  9. Hope that you have a good Easter weekend and that you can manage to get a little time to yourself to relax and maybe enjoy a choccie egg or two.
    Rosie xx


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