01 September 2014

Ikea Makeover

A little hello to anyone who may still be popping into Playing in the Attic!

Let's talk storage.  We have major storage issues in our house.  We have kitchen cupboards and that's it!  Over the years we've lived here, we have had to purchase six wardrobes, we've had to convert a CD cabinet into a bathroom cabinet, purchased 4 bookcases and still we have things in boxes ... you getting the idea?  A shopping trip to Ikea was needed to deal with a small storage issue in my artsy/craftsy room.

Drag home two very heavy Ikea boxes, get in touch with our inner flat-pack-maker and off we go.  Now is it just us or do other people make mistakes at Ikea between showroom floor and warehouse aisle?  The cupboard was made up, all looking good, getting excited to be able to create a bit of order, open up the second box, the box that has the doors in it, the solid doors so that the innards of the cupboard can't be seen and what do we have ... glass doors!!  How did that happen?  We photographed the numbers on Girl 1's mobile phone, we went to the right aisle, we saw the cupboard, saw the box for the doors .... whatever!  Not entirely happy with the end result.

Fortunately a little piece of happy inspiration occurred, and under the bed I scurried to my rolled up paper supply.  Yes folks, that's what's under my bed.  And as I've shared this with you, what's under yours?!!!  Here you go, you didn't believe me?  I have Christmas wrapping paper, posters, gift paper for special use, I have Chinese brush paintings (from a course I did years ago) etc. etc., you get the idea.  Excuse the dust!

Found the Ideal Piece of Paper.  This is a piece of wrapping paper purchased at one of my favourite shops in Melbourne.  Il Papiro sits in the heart of Melbourne's laneways, in Degraves Street.  It's a joy simply to walk in the door and take in all the beautiful stationery from Florence.  Take a look, isn't it stunning?!!

So, with brush and jar of Mod Podge at hand, off I went slapping glue happily all over the place and now I love my Ikea cupboard.  Very individual.  Very me.  Very much hiding what's inside.  And just a little bit Italian.

Okay, now where did I put my ...

Ciao Bellas!!  Trudy x


  1. Hello.....great use of your under bed stash...love the cupboard . Xxx

  2. Hi Trudy, the little icon/photo which came up with your post just said Hell - the 'o' was missing - and that just about sums up a trip to Ikea!! Love what you have done with your cupboard make over. Jilly

  3. I love what you did to the cabinet. Very innovative and artsy.

  4. Oh dear! There is only dust under my bed. :-) But thank you for reminding me. I should hoover tomorrow ... The cabinet looks nice.

  5. Bellisima!!! I very much like that paper and what you have done with it. The cabinet has been revived!! I just know all about lack of storage space. I really need to unload junk on someone or somewhere. Ok what is junk to me could be useful for another. In that case I really need to find time to participate in a car boot sale. sigh!!! Just no time and that is why I can't blog as I would like to too!! I won't go into what I have under my beds LOl!

    keep well

    Amanda x


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