17 March 2013

Fun Work

I think I may have mentioned that things are a bit different around here now.  I'm working six days a week, I'm juggling all those other things that working Mums need to juggle and I'm beginning to find the rhythm of it all.  And it's fun.  It's fun work!  Look what I'm surrounded by all day long.  Funny faced, googly-eyed spacemen for one thing, who would have thought?  Seriously though (do we want to get serious? maybe not) I'm having a ball.  I'm connecting with my inner seven-year old stationery lover and she's very happy.  Very Happy Indeedy.

And I'm also connecting with my inner (and possibly ever present, bubbling at the surface) obsessive compulsive *me* because I can line things up and put all the matching things together and be happy when those little pencil-ended Chinese girls are behaving and looking the right way.  I can shake them up and put purple next to green, next to blue if I want, or walk them around the store and put them somewhere else.  Ahh, bliss.  Hours of faffing about, playing working to my heart's content.

I've always loved stationery.  And it doesn't even need to be grand and gorgeous.  I love the everyday, the bottles of Clag and the pencil grips, the rulers and the staplers.  A Newsagency has always been a favourite place because the possibilities are endless as to what you can find hidden in the corners or on the bottom shelf.  And so much colour!

With Easter fast approaching (sorry, I know you don't want that reminder) I've created a little Easter corner with activity books and stickers, baskets, chicks and lovely spotty and striped egg cups.  I'm slowly selling off old stock that we started with and am now purchasing bright and fun craft supplies for children, novels for holiday-makers passing through town, a fun and bright range of stationery for kids, and big kids, art supplies and gift stationery.

When a box is delivered to my door it's like Christmas to open it up and then there is the fun of displaying it just right.  Most of the shelving is new after a shopping day at Ikea for Billy bookcases (I won't even mention the illegal and very uncomfortable bouncing around in the back of the little Postman-Pat van all the way home because there was no room in the front any more.  I'm guessing we're not the only ones who visit Ikea with one thing on our minds and come home absolutely squished to pieces because we've purchased one or two extra things or miscalculated how they will fit in!!)

For those who love pink, or if you don't then maybe green or blue or purple or black you can have matching pens, erasers, sharpeners note books etc. etc.!!  Can you see how much fun this is for this little black duck?

And magazines.  I love magazines!!  I have ordered over 50 new titles!  Firstly because my favourites weren't stocked (no Country Living UK, no Country Style, no crochet magazines at all, no Mollie Makes, only one quilting magazine etc. etc.) but lots and lots of 4X drive and hunting magazines!!  I have to cater for all tastes, I know that, and I'm being asked for all sorts of fabulous titles, but I needed to rework the mix, find the balance, until there is something for everyone.

It was exhausting moving from the old store to the new.  Shopping trolleys filled with stock were being raced up and down the street at the hands of our fabulous team of family and friends.  And much organisation was required to get it all ready for trading, not that we closed for business!!  Everyone was quite happy to pop in among the disarray and grab their paper.

So that's where I've been, why I've been so spasmodically present on this blog and yours.  It's not that I haven't wanted to be keeping up with what everyone is doing, but I'm pooped by the end of my day, and I'm dreaming of what I can do in that little store down the road.  In my head I'm planning new displays, contacting new suppliers, thinking about possible new lines and what I need to be doing tomorrow.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  We're off to celebrate the engagement of my nephew!  And more of that later because there is a very exciting wedding destination coming up at the end of the year!



  1. Wow! You have been busy, I think we can see that your inner love of magazines and stationary may be satisfied by you having this store...This would lure almost anyone... All the best for your family venture...

  2. Hi Trudy, How exciting! I am a stationary fan too, your shop looks gorgeous, and I think running a newsagency would be a lovely job, surrounded by all those magazines!! I might have to get you to put aside a Mollie Makes for me, can't find a regular supply around here, have to email you about that! Will have to pop in when we are down your way next time. Julie x

  3. Oh I am so envious...you sound so excited and I can see why...what a joy to be amongst that which excites you and to be playing all day....hopefully business is booming for you too. xx

  4. Kid be a bit giddy too! When I was little all my pocket money was spent in the local stationery shop! :) x

  5. How wonderful to have a job you enjoy so much!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. How exciting, I used to spend my pocket money in the local stationary shop as well. I wish you all the best in your new venture. Jilly

  7. Wow, that shop looks like a treasure trove. We have a little local independent stationary shop and while things aren't as nicely displayed as they are here, every square inch of space is bursting with tempting things and I love shopping in there.

    So glad you are settling in to your new routine. x

  8. Hey Trudy, where to start........not many folk have jobs they truly love, so you are very lucky, but I suspect alot of hard work as well as fun goes on too......
    So much playing and re arranging and sorting to be done. I'm sure the locals would be enjoying the revamping and the new range of mags you have ordered in.
    Hope you don't have to do too many early morning starts.......all the best for your new venture I hope you always enjoy what you do.

    Claire x

  9. Lovely pics Trudy. What I really want is the French knitting set! It took me back to primary school - I had a cotton reel with nails and you aspired to a bought one (but they were never as much fun as the one you have!). I love stationary too, especially note books.

  10. So pleased it's all taking off for you, and I love what you're doing there :D

  11. Hi Trudy - I love stationery as well and, like you, even the everday things appeal to me. Just yesterday I was remembering the smell of the brown paper gum that dispensed from little bottles with red rubber end with little slits in the top (maybe I am a bit strange - lol!) I wish I could visit your store; I am sure I would have lots of fun in it. Lily. xxx

  12. Sounds like my idea of heaven - could even consider giving up my lazy, cosy, craft-filled lifestyle here at Poppy Cottage for a job like that! Stationery heaven!
    Glad you're enjoying it!
    Angie x


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